100 Proven Real Estate
Marketing Ideas

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The Real Estate Marketing Ideas

  1. Create a Professional IDX Website
  2. Create a Trending Blog
  3. Offer Home Valuations on Your Website to Capture Leads
  4. Do a Detailed Explainer Video About Your Agency/Your Specialty
  5. Install Google Analytics to Guide Your Marketing Strategy
  6. Implement PPC Advertising
  7. Create a Landing Page on Your Website for Each PPC Campaign
  8. Implement SEO Backlinks on Your Website
  9. Answer Buyer/Seller Questions on Your Blog
  10. Post Testimonials of the Best Former Clients on Your Website
  11. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
  12. Add Your Contact Details on Each Page of Your Website
  13. Add Stunning Royalty-Free Local Imagery
  14. Enhance User Engagement Using Calls to Action
  15. Include Social Media Sharing Buttons on Your Website
  16. Regularly Create And Publish Real Estate-Focused Content on Your Blogs
  17. Develop Seller And Buyer Guides for Your Prospects
  18. Include Social Media Retargeting Tags to Your Site
  19. Set up Schema Markups
  20. Do Keyword Research

2nd Milestone Begin Here

  1. Create Local Landing Pages
  2. Embed Live Chat Plugins on Your Site
  3. Set up Autoresponders if You Won’t be Able to Respond Right Away
  4. Craft And Publish Content Concerning Historic Listings in Your Neighborhood
  5. Implement Content Marketing
  6. Leverage Instagram
  7. Use Twitter Hashtags
  8. Contact Social Media Influencers
  9. Create a Newsletter
  10. Target Areas Where You want to Sell
  11. Post Tips or Ideas About Real Estate on Reddit
  12. Ask Your Buyers to Give You Reviews on Yelp
  13. Make Detailed Graphs, Instructions, Charts, or Maps
  14. Leverage on Popular Trends Online (such as memes)
  15. Create a Referral System
  16. Send Handwritten Notes to Your Clients And Prospects
  17. Invest in SEO
  18. Setup Your Google My Business Page
  19. Create a Facebook Page
  20. Incorporate Email Drip Campaigns
  21. Watch Your Competitors Closely

3rd Milestone Begin Here

  1. Create a Specialty (such as a relocation specialist)
  2. Conduct a Webinar
  3. Make Use of Facebook Ads
  4. Leverage Print Media Advertisings
  5. Organize Free Seminars for Property Buyers
  6. Create and Give Out Killer Business Cards
  7. Make The Most of Call Tracking
  8. Focus on Increasing Brand Awareness
  9. Become an Expert in Your Niche
  10. Create Pinterest Boards
  11. Engage The Services of a Real Estate Photographer
  12. Create a Professional Video Tour
  13. Invest in Complimentary Moving Truck
  14. Give Buyer Rebates or Other Incentives
  15. Use Automated Text Messaging
  16. Create a Blog Post or a Video Series Outlining Some of The Best Restaurants And Entertainment in The Location
  17. Incorporate a Killer Real Estate Agent Bio Into Your About Page
  18. Get a Professional Headshot
  19. Develop Proposition That Benefits Clients

New Milestone Begin Here

  1. Create a 30-second Elevator Pitch to Utilize When Engaging With New Prospects
  2. Get Some Stuff With Your Branding Printed on it
  3. Always Dress Distinctively And Professionally
  4. Make Use of Predictive Analytics
  5. Live Videos on Social Media
  6. Join Forces With Local Businesses
  7. Network With Real Estate Developers And Other Agents
  8. Attend Meetings of Real Estate Investors Club
  9. Utilize Bing And Yahoo Ads
  10. Use Top Aggregator Websites
  11. Include Your Pet in Some of The Images for Your Real Estate Listings
  12. Sponsor Local Events
  13. Film Neighborhood Community Videos
  14. Sponsor Pet Adoption Events
  15. Monitor Online Reviews
  16. Target Owners of Foreclosed Homes
  17. Target Prospects Getting a Divorce
  18. Pursue Older Expired Listings
  19. Contribute to The Community
  20. Respond to Questions on Quora
  21. Create Your Own YouTube Channel
  22. Publish Home And Buyer Education Videos
  23. Leverage on Emotional Storytelling Methods While Engaging Your Audience
  24. Create Eye-Catching Infographics
  25. Invite Your Friends And Family to Like Your Social Media Page or Follow You
  26. Place Your Billboard Ads in Strategic Locations
  27. Leverage LinkedIn to Generate Leads
  28. Frequent Restaurants and Other Leisure Centers
  29. Organize a Housewarming Party
  30. Join Facebook Groups About Real Estate
  31. Cold Calling
  32. Working Over The Holidays
  33. Always Take Calls as They Come in
  34. Create And Publish a Local Market Quiz or Poll on Your Website
  35. Organize Open Houses
  36. Put on Branded Clothing Each Time You Go Out
  37. Leverage Branded Door Hanger or Other Physical Handouts
  38. Make Contact With Your Sphere of Influence
  39. Send Out Greeting Cards to Your Clients
  40. Conduct 3D Matterport Scans

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The real estate industry experiences many good days and bad days and is influenced by a variety of variables such as economic conditions, interest rates, and employment growth. The National Association of Realtors(NAR) membership peaked in 2006 at 1,357,000 realtors before plummeting during the housing financial meltdown. Nevertheless, it has been rapidly rising since its low point in 2012 (with 999,000 members), and realtor competition is currently heating up. The National Association of REALTORS®’ total membership August 2021 month-end is 1,546,138. There are a little over 2,000,000 Licensed Real Estate Agents in the United States. Not all Real Estate Agents are Realtors. A Real Estate Agent can’t call themselves a realtor unless they are a member of the National Association of Realtors, a professional organization that maintains strict operating standards.

Irrespective of how highly competitive the market is getting, both beginners and experts can employ varieties of strategies to distinguish themselves from the pack and drive their businesses forward.

The average salary for real estate agents in 2017 was $56,730, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Notwithstanding, the top ten percent of real estate brokers made above $150,000 a year. So, the key difference between being in the top 10 percent and being median here is how well real estate agents promote themselves. And if you begin to do the same, your business is certain to grow exponentially.
While realtors remain important in the home-buying business, buyers are increasingly preferring to do more research online before contacting professionals. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of buyers start their search for a property online, emphasizing the importance of real estate agents to maintain an active internet presence. So, you are really missing out if you are not networking, active, and interacting on the internet.

Real estate marketing strategies are always changing, and keeping up with them is difficult. It’s challenging to come up with unique, creative, and spectacular real estate marketing ideas on a daily basis to get you in front of the appropriate people, particularly when you spend so much of your time on the road engaging with clients and leads.

The truth is that, unless you are an investor, agent, or business owner with a huge internet presence, getting in front of the proper audience takes a bit of time. It isn’t something that happens overnight. However, as profitable as the real estate business is for prospective agencies and fixer-uppers seeking to move homes rapidly, there are some tried-and-true methods and so-called business secrets that can help them market a property quicker and more effectively than before by employing the right real estate marketing ideas.

So, if you are ready to get your hands dirty, let’s dig into our comprehensive list of tried-and-true tactics and ideas for marketing real estate online and offline that will get you the most value for your money. These real estate marketing strategies can help you stand out, get noticed, and, most notably, finish any sale as soon as possible.

So, if you have a home that you need to sell or rent out quickly, even if the property has been on the market for a long time, you may pull these tricks out of your pockets and watch as closing after closing follows. If you ignore these, you may find yourself adrift in a sea of competitors, unable to attract the right customers.

1. Create a Professional IDX Website

According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), around 90% of purchasers in the U.S. check for available properties on the internet before going anywhere else. This number is anticipated to increase considerably by 2022. The rapid increase in internetization will as well grow the percentage of people searching for homes on the internet in the United States. As a result, having an IDX website makes your business practically accessible to the large pool of potential clients who use the internet to look for a home. Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”), also referred to as “Broker Reciprocity,” is the next stage in the evolution of MLS as the primary means of enhancing cooperation between REALTORS® to facilitate the purchase and sale of real property.

So, when creating your website, focus on making both the functionality and esthetic top-notch. Make sure to address things such as ease of navigation, general speed, photo sharpness, quality of content, and so on and so forth. Do not have any advertisements on your website because it will take away and distract prospects from what you offer. Make a website that is easy to navigate so prospects can find the properties they are searching for. Update the site on a regular basis with fresh content and properties. Properties are updated automatically through your Website IDX connection to the MLS.

With a professional website that is visually appealing and well-stocked with information, you can stay competitive with even the most prominent real estate brokers in your region. Having the top real estate site makes your real estate agency reachable to anyone conducting a fast web search, and as your website expands and connects more people, you should ultimately establish a strong online business brand.

Find your dream home

2. Create a Trending Blog

You can begin real estate blogging and provide tremendous quantities of value in the hopes of building a platform or an audience with time. As a real estate professional, you should start blogging right away because the longer you go without posting, the further behind you will fall.

Blogging is a technique for establishing oneself as a real estate professional and generating high-quality leads. Creating and posting a real estate blog is an excellent approach to positioning yourself as a local realtor expert and staying top-of-mind with your network.

Furthermore, blogging could be a wonderful method to attract new clients, keep current ones informed, and retain connections with people you’ve previously worked with. Besides, blogs help to develop brand loyalty and trust. It can assist establish your reputation and make people see you as a professional if your content is informative and ranks high in search results.

Everyone wants to work with experts in the field. Strong content that answers people’s questions highlights your expertise while entertaining visitors and offering them advice that will keep them coming back for more. Additionally, if comments are enabled, you can even engage with your audience in new ways and give them a space to express their views and experiences, making them feel connected. It’s a good idea to set it so you approve all comments to prevent any spam from showing on your site.

realtors blog

Therefore, start a useful real estate blog and update it frequently. Ensure you offer huge volumes of value regularly and watch your readership skyrocketing beyond your expectations. You can develop infographics on mortgage rates, property prices, or anything else you think might be interesting and useful.

Furthermore, you can as well start incorporating videos and other media and spreading it as far as possible. This is one of the most effective strategies to develop an audience for real estate marketing.

3. Offer Home Valuations on Your Website to Capture Leads

Real estate valuation is required for a number of purposes, such as financing, property insurance, investment assessment, sales listing, and taxation. However, the most common use of real estate valuation is establishing the asking or purchase price of a piece of property.
Therefore, prospective sellers would like to know how much their property is worth; hence, it is highly rewarding if you incorporate a home valuation tool onto your real estate website so that property owners can get a free estimation of their home value. You can obtain the user’s contact details in exchange for this information.

Here’s an example of how this may appear on your real estate website:

Buy with confidence and sell without stress

Once your web visitors input their address, the web tool will prompt them to supply their email address and other details to be able to view their home valuation report. You now have a new lead to engage with once they supply this information.

Since your house valuation software has already collected the prospect’s phone number, physical and email address, you may follow up by phone, email or traditional mail.

4. Do a Detailed Explainer Video About Your Agency/Your Specialty

People often develop a deeper knowledge of a service or product when they see and hear someone explain it. An explainer video helps you stay connected better with your prospective clients by describing what your brand can accomplish for them and why they should pick you over competitors.

So, use real estate explainer videos to set yourself apart from other agents in the real estate field. Be sincere, act professional and explain to people why you are the right person for that job.

With an explainer video, you can specify the intricacies of how things will evolve and how clients will benefit if they choose to use your services. A video is typically one of the greatest ways to get a message through since people can watch it and get all of the information they need. In comparison to a written or even a picture-based presentation, the simplicity of comprehension in a video is far greater, and it will undoubtedly help you to convey and impress.

These videos are serious since they communicate your value proposition as well as what makes your real estate agency successful and worthwhile to hire. However, as previously said, personality plays a significant influence in buyer and seller decision-making. So, have some fun even while still conveying the information that customers need to know about your business.

5. Install Google Analytics to Guide Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools available right now for gaining an understanding of real estate leads. This powerful, all-encompassing tool analyzes how online visitors engage with your digital content, including social media. The information provided by Google Analytics for real estate offers you vital insight into how your readership interacts with your content and how it performs over time. However, the options might be daunting at first look since this tool is so comprehensive.

Undoubtedly, real estate marketing necessitates the use of analytics. If you don’t have this Google analytics integrated into your real estate website, you are doing yourself a disservice. So, ensure you install Google Analytics to your website to measure a variety of indicators throughout time as they pertain to your content and website visitors.

Welcome to Google Analytics

Knowing how to properly use this resource and the statistics it provides is your best shot for providing value to your target readership and nurturing leads successfully.

Google Analytics offers an excellent approach to determine whether or not your efforts are paying off. With it, you can determine how your blog postings are doing, how many people come to your website, bounce rate or exit rate, and the average number of sessions per person.

It may appear confusing at first, but as you get experience with analytics, everything will make sense and come together.

6. Implement PPC Advertising

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a method of attracting traffic to your website in order to promote any property, condominium, or other types of real estate you may be marketing. It can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. Google Ads for example has a complicated interface with an extensive learning curve. You are basically paying when people click on your ad and come to your website. How much would it cost you to attract those individuals? How many of these will result in genuine leads or sales?

With PPC advertising, you can lead visitors to your real estate website, where you own the channel and have complete control over how you portray yourself. This means that instead of your listing becoming buried in a sea of rivals, you can show off your complete portfolio without readers being sidetracked by other’s listings.

There are tested and proven methods for real estate pay-per-click (PPC) marketing success. The reason you might hear real estate agents complain about how much money they wasted on PPC advertising is usually because they had no idea what they were doing.Contact RealDigiAds to easily create and manage campaigns on Google Ads. They offer pre-configured campaigns for Realtors and you don’t need any previous Google Ads or PPC experience.

Through an effective PPC campaign, your site could appear at the top of the page for your selected keywords, possibly resulting in a significant amount of visitors. However, you pay a charge for each click, but if you use the current real estate marketing trends correctly, you could see a significant return on investment.

7. Create a Landing Page on Your Website for Each PPC Campaign

You have done a fantastic job developing your brand and building a website that complements it. Now you ought to ensure that all of your hard work pays off in the form of sales. Landing pages are the route to go if you’re seeking an efficient lead conversion technique. Landing pages are pages that are meant to receive certain types of visitors via pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, direct marketing, and other methods, and are designed to convert traffic into prospects or leads.

When a visitor clicks on your web URLs that show in organic search results, or on your PPC ads, the short term goal is to convert that visitor into a lead (conversion) and the long term goal is to convert that lead into a sale. At this point, landing pages become the most crucial part of a digital marketing strategy.

Landing pages, in general, allow you to finish a post-click cycle with a dedicated page that signals the visitor they’ve arrived at the correct place.

Busy product pages or homepages might confuse the message, but landing pages make it very obvious what will happen if the visitor clicks through. Making a landing page allows you to fine-tune and optimize your visitor engagement, increasing the likelihood of conversions. You also get more bang for your buck with PPC since you have already paid for this click, and a landing page enables you to make it worthwhile.

Besides, you can improve the likelihood of conversions even more by making sure that you utilize the proper type of landing page

8. Implement SEO Backlinks on Your Website

SEO for your website

SEO has historically been a tried and true method for increasing brand awareness, traffic, and lead conversion. Backlinking, in particular, can aid in attracting more leads to your real estate business.

A backlink is a link to your website from another online source that provides indicators to search engines that help authenticate your local authority and bring referral traffic with important leads to your site.

So, make an effort to obtain links from websites that are relevant to your business and have a high reputation, as this will improve your Google ranking with time.

Besides, your search rankings will improve as the number of other websites linked to your real estate website grows. The rationale for this is that having more inbound links to your site boosts your domain authority and, as a result, your total keyword ranks will also receive a boost.

In a nutshell, backlinks, or links from other websites to yours are an influential element of SEO. And if you master SEO, particularly backlinks, you will be visible to the large number of potential homebuyers who use Google to look for information and opportunities online.

However, it is vital to educate yourself on backlinking before embarking on a link-building strategy to ensure that you do not make mistakes that will harm your rankings and send them into the Google chasm.

9. Answer Buyer/Seller Questions on Your Blog

content marketing

Identifying questions that your target market is asking is an efficient method to generate blog content ideas. There are many online tools you can utilize to generate ideas on blog topics for your real estate business.

For example, Google’s “autocomplete” is a sophisticated tool for determining what people are searching for; it has built up a database from millions of queries and can guess what you’re going to ask depending on the info you’ve already typed.

It’s not difficult to reverse-engineer this and determine what the most frequent searches are depending on Google’s suggestions: For example, the top predictions for “content marketing in” in the image below provide a few valuable ideas, meaning that these are the most widely searched topics:

“Answer The Public” is another great tool. It’s a terrific beginning point for question queries that can be transformed into organic traffic and paid advertisement when it pertains to your keyword research approach. “Answer The Public” helps you get to know your audience and figure out what keeps them awake at night, as well as focus your keyword research and optimize for long-tail phrases.

Another powerful tool to utilize is the ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) box, a Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) feature that answers questions pertaining to the user’s search query:

A chrome extension termed “Keywords Everywhere” is also a powerful tool for finding intriguing searches to focus on. Realtors use Keywords Everywhere to research demand for a community or an area where they would like to do business. It also shows related search terms to any Google search along with projected search volume.

frequently asked questions

10. Post Testimonials of The Best Former Clients on Your Website

Past clients who are pleased with your services are your finest brand ambassadors. Your brand will gain social influence as a result of their comments and feedback on your website. So, inquire of some of your greatest former clients if they would be willing to provide feedback in exchange for a testimonial. Written testimonials are fine, but testimonials that include photographs or videos are much better

In addition, testimonials are crucial components of your marketing since they have the ability to make or break a purchase. They are the reassurance that goes above and beyond to back up all you say and promise to a client. However, clients will be prone to skepticism if they are not up to par or if they aren’t present at all.

Furthermore, testimonials are powerful trust indicators! Demonstrating that your services are endorsed by real, live individuals means a great deal to prospective clients. So, when a homebuyer has a positive experience with you, contact them and request a testimonial. If at all possible, take a snapshot of them too.

Maximize these testimonials by strategically displaying them on your real estate website as well as sharing them on social media.

You can take a clue from Diane and Jen, real estate professionals from Ottawa. They have a website page dedicated to customer reviews as can been seen below:

content marketing

“I recently sold a house with Dave and while this can be a very stressful process, I felt 110%
confident by partnering with Dave. He was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain
clearly all details and managed the actual sale negotiation brilliantly. In addition, he was
extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how small. As I move forward
to now BUY my next house, I am extr
emely certain Dave will be the right partner to help me navigate this process.”

– Heidi Fisher

11. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Technologically savvy customers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. According to research, roughly 72% of home purchasers utilized mobile devices to search for properties. And this implies that having a mobile-friendly website is essential for gaining new customers and keeping existing ones satisfied. It is even better if you consider developing a mobile app for prospective buyers to use to browse listings.

You need to keep in mind that visitors using a smartphone to view your site will depart just as fast if they can locate a more user-friendly option.

Besides, according to a Google webinar, 61 percent of visitors who have had trouble reading a mobile website will most probably never revisit. It gets worse as seen from the result of a recent Compuware survey: 57 percent of users will not suggest a site after a negative encounter, and 40 percent of visitors will visit a competitor’s website.

Therefore, mobile responsiveness is critical for your real estate site, as it improves the number of prospective leads. A mobile-friendly or responsive website design that works on all mobile devices can enable you to reach a larger mobile audience and gain more leads.

Furthermore, customers may avoid your website for their needs if they have a bad mobile experience with usability concerns. So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and capable of generating high levels of interaction.

12. Add Your Contact Details on Each Page of Your Website (be careful with email to avoid spam)

Since lead generation is one of your top priorities, don’t hide your contact information or display them only on a single page of your website. Instead, proudly put out your contact details on every page of your real estate website to make it easier for leads to contact you.

In essence, a good contact page should be a top priority for your online design and development efforts. Because the easier it is for your audience to reach you via their chosen means of communication, the more likely it is that you will hear from them.

However, while it is necessary to display all contact information on a business website, most people leave out their email address to avoid spamming.. Nevertheless, it is still necessary as many clients prefer reaching out via email. So, make sure to use a form handler so people communicate with you by email. A form handler will mask your email address from spambot.

Ultimately, all real estate professionals should include their contact information on their website because it can enhance conversions and income. It also makes your business more visible, accessible, and approachable, resulting in increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

13. Add Stunning Royalty-Free Local Imagery

neighborhood homes for sale

Nothing beats local photography when it comes to providing a fantastic internet experience for your website visitors.

Images have been shown to have a significant impact on factors like site traffic and bounce rates. For example, blog postings with graphics receive substantially more traffic than those without. Therefore, it is critical to develop a visual tone that attracts your site visitor when choosing photographs for real estate websites. Because, you are not just offering buyers visuals that represent your brand and what you can do for them; you’re also offering them a wonderful user experience — one that’s visually attractive, engaging, and results-oriented.

However, finding royalty-free images can be challenging, as such, take advantage of one of the several online and local resources available to get amazing shots of your neighborhood.

But if you can’t find high-quality imagery to use on your website, don’t worry; there are many premier, royalty-free image websites where you can fill the gaps.

14. Enhance User Engagement Using Calls to Action

Calls to Action (CTA) are one of the most underrated, often overlooked, barely tested, and undervalued elements of a real estate website. It’s good to have lots of visitors to your landing page or website, but conversions are the most essential thing. So, designing a CTA that persuades your visitors to take the appropriate action is a fantastic idea.

Having a great call to action on a website will serve as a guide for the user on what to do next. A call to action informs your prospective client about the next step to take and reduces friction as the user progresses through the sales funnel.

As a realtor, you would prefer your CTAs to reference the properties you have available for sale or rent; of course, the ultimate goal is to convert a website visitor into a lead. So, by having a convincing call to action appropriately positioned on your website, you can stimulate and inspire the user to take the required actions.

In general, a compelling call to action (CTA) should be straightforward, have an appealing design, be placed appropriately, and fit your Unique Value Proposition.

15. Include Social Media Sharing Buttons on Your Website

Social sharing is an important aspect of obtaining referral traffic and increasing brand awareness on the internet. This process ought to be made simple for website visitors, so that anyone may click them and share your material quickly and easily. Many website themes have these as standard features; however, you can choose to install a plugin that enables social sharing buttons on your real estate website. Social share buttons make it simple for customers to share a property listing, blog content, an email newsletter, and almost any other type of online marketing you create.

So, if you want to increase traffic to your website and your listings, then make it possible and easy for your real estate content you published online to be shared by your readership.

However, you need to make sure you’re utilizing the appropriate tactics to make it as easy as practicable for users to share your content after all your hard work creating it. Social media is one of the powerful ways that business owners can increase their service recognition. Thus, when it comes to marketing your real estate business, it is critical to include ways that your real estate content can be shared on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, do not include many social sharing buttons as it discourages visitors from taking action at all. The key is to concentrate on the platforms that will give you the most exposure to your target market.

Don’t forget to share this post!

social media icons

16. Regularly Create And Publish Real Estate-Focused Content on Your Blogs

Consistent content generation is the foundation of successful inbound marketing, as it improves your search engine optimization, increases traffic, and provides genuine value to your customers.

So, maintaining a frequent real estate blog lets you demonstrate your competence as an agent, and consistency is essential. With every useful, targeted, informative blog post you put out there, you demonstrate to your readership that you know what you’re exactly talking about. This is significant for a number of reasons. Try to write and publish 2 to 4 blog posts per week about your market, listings, neighborhood information, and real estate statistics.

It does not have to be difficult to start a real estate blog. You simply need to choose a few topics that you believe people will be interested in learning more about and then begin writing. If you don’t want to do the writing yourself, you may always pay someone to do it for you. After you’ve created the framework for your blog, you can modify it to your liking and post it for your audience.

To begin, you can explain several subjects to your readership, which will assist them to comprehend your service and how it relates to their needs. Second, you can begin to build trust. You’re giving away free, useful information – knowledge that they might have had to pay an agency for in the past. You’re now giving it away for free. This free, valuable information establishes you as a reliable resource, and people prefer to hire someone they believe is reliable and knowledgeable.

17. Develop Seller And Buyer Guides for Your Prospects

Almost every lead you meet will have a slew of questions regarding buying or selling, which means you’ll be answering the same questions again and again and running around trying to find resources that will assist them.
One of the key roles of real estate brokers today is to provide helpful housing advice to leads and clients. Therefore, it is critical that you offer your housing advice in a detailed, yet easy-to-digest guide to stand distinctively from competing industry professionals in your market who provide similar advice to home buyers and sellers and to demonstrate that your real estate agent tips are by far the most useful resource for your niche market.
Therefore, develop your own digital or printable guides that feature a wealth of information about practices and expectations that you can distribute to leads.
The finest house buyer guides don’t just provide high-level advice and recommendations to would-be homeowners. Instead, they provide comprehensive advice and recommendations to prospective buyers that can assist them in finding the appropriate home for sale, making the correct bid, and working with the right agent.

18. Include Social Media Retargeting Tags to Your Site

Considering that the majority of visitors to your website will not convert into customers right away, retargeting is therefore essential. This is also true for email leads who do not convert immediately.

What exactly is retargeting, though? Retargeting is a technique that involves placing a pixel of code on your website pages, allowing you to “remarket” or “retarget” to those individuals across various social media platforms.

For example, a Facebook pixel on your real estate website enables you to target those visitors with an ad the next time they visit Facebook. Similarly, you can use other platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to achieve the same result.

This marketing strategy allows you to re-engage prospects regardless of where they go. It helps to establish your brand and raise recognition about your services each time a previous site visitor views your offerings.

Some real estate brokers may be unsure whether retargeting is appropriate for their advertising needs. After all, buying a house or selecting a real estate agent is a far more significant decision than getting the new shoes that have been trailing you all-around online. However, as the automotive sector has demonstrated, retargeting may be an effective strategy for preserving that major purchase in mind.

While retargeting surprised customers at first, it is now so common that it has altered customer expectations: we know the info we need will be offered when we really need it.

19. Set up Schema Markups

Schema, or structured data, is a witty way of organizing words and tags present on your website’s code to help search engines identify elements on your site more easily. Schema enables you to mark up items on your website in a way that aids Google in deciphering the meaning of the data. With schema markup, you could tell Google how to display your content more appealingly.

The importance of schema in website design stems from the fact that it can contribute to higher rankings in search engine results, leading to higher click-through rates and more leads. You may either learn to manually install schema to your real estate site using HTML code or use a schema plug-in to make things easier.

Schema also offers great benefits when it comes to end users’ experience, as it can result in rich snippets on the SERP, making the search listing more enticing, valuable, and visual.

You can get a clue from the below image showing a real estate company promoting their 3D walkthroughs:

realtor website schema

And the same firm also lists open house appointment times:

schema for real estate website

This strategy also allows you to demonstrate what your site is all about to your targeted audience. It could boost your SEO campaign’s conversion rates even more.

20. Do Keyword Research

A detailed plan for making the most of keyword searches used by prospective website visitors should be included in your real estate marketing strategy.

As a real estate professional, the very first thing you should think about while working on SEO is keyword research. Why? Because it allows you to better understand your target, and if you fail to use the right keywords, your efforts will never provide positive results.

Finding out which search terms people use when looking for apartments similar to yours can disclose what’s most relevant to your target market. For example, it can reveal to you the floor plans they want, which local hotspots they value, and so on.

Knowing your target audience’s priorities can help you close the gap between your potential clients and your property since it allows you to emphasize the features they seek.

There are many tools available that you can utilize to research your next set of real estate keywords, including Ahrefs (paid tool), Ubersuggest (free tool), Answer the Public (free tool), etc.

It is a fact that you would like to attract qualified buyers who are ready to buy right now. However, don’t discount the value of attracting site leads who are still collecting information. So, warm up these prospects, gain their trust, and join them on their journey. Be there when they are ready to buy or sell a property.


21. Create Local Landing Pages

A real estate landing page refers to a single page on your website dedicated to a certain area of your target market. On the other hand, a local landing page is a web page that uses location-specific SEO methods to attract clients in a local market.

So, if you have businesses in several locations or service areas, then it is crucial you create landing pages for each service area and location. In addition, a local landing page’s content should be tailored to the business’s geographic location.

Suppose you’re targeting a keyword like “guide to buying Texas real estate,” for example. In that case, directing your visitors to a landing page providing a free guide on purchasing real estate in Texas will generate far more leads than directing them to a generic home page.

Besides, since using several landing pages increases leadflow by 120 percent, it’s critical to employ the many real estate landing pages approaches.
Localized landing pages can benefit your local business in a variety of ways. Having a localized landing page on your company’s website can increase traffic, help you better target prospective clients in your locality, and even link you with qualified local leads.

22. Embed Live Chat Plugins on Your Site

Be available to communicate with website visitors via live chat at all times. Live chat plugins are one of the ways to provide your consumers with immediate access to your customer service team. They allow consumers to interact with a live person or an intelligent bot who will redirect them to the appropriate area.

When prospective property buyers discover your website to browse your listings, there is no better approach to leverage this vital moment than a live chat messenger plugin. As a savvy real estate professional, you can use live chat to convert prospective homebuyers into faithful subscribers.
If you don’t keep track of your website analytics, you might be surprised to realize how many prospective clients visit your website every day without contacting you.

Thankfully, an ideal live chat plugin can significantly improve your online visitor engagement.

Most live chat plugins can interact with your site users when they browse through specific listings on your website. Even while you’re away, the live chat plugin agents can engage with visitors and provide you with qualified leads as soon as they receive them. After that initial encounter, you may swiftly follow up with prospects.

In most cases, a prospect will leave your site and go to one of your competitors if they don’t find the info they need. But through live chat, you can respond quickly to questions from your website visitors.

live chat on your real estate site

Sometimes, the information a prospect seeks may be included on your services page, but they don’t know how to find it. So, if you can talk to them right when they’re looking for something, you’ll have a far better chance of landing the client.

23. Set up Autoresponders if You Won't be Able to Respond Right Away

When it comes to making the first contact with a lead, time is significant. You may have had a few times in the early times of your profession where you were hesitant to engage and thus missed out on a potential client. With email autoresponders, you can prevent similar experiences from reoccurring, thus making your lead nurturing dreams come true.

Autoresponders refer to messages that are sent to a new prospect right after they perform an action on your website. They’re prompted by a prospect’s particular activities on your website. For example, if someone subscribes to your newsletter or likes some of your listings, a custom message is generated and sent to the prospect.

In real estate, the primary sales rule is that you have to sell yourself first before you can sell someone a house. This includes highlighting your abilities, knowledge, and willingness to go well above and beyond your clients’ expectations. Autoresponders take tasks such as this off your shoulders since they are sent in seconds after a user becomes a lead on your website.

24. Craft And Publish Content Concerning Historic Listings in Your Neighborhood

Properties in locally designated historic neighborhoods are more valuable, appreciate faster, and hold their value longer. In addition, old buildings can serve as witnesses to a city’s esthetic and cultural heritage, giving residents a sense of place and a tie to the past. Besides, they often reflect something notable or significant to residents of a community or visitors.

Furthermore, historic buildings may include details and characteristics that are no longer available, such as beautiful facades, distinctive glasswork, or copper lining. Many people believe that historic homes have their own identity and unique character due to these features, making them more attractive than modern structures. A house in a historic district offers far more price stability in this chaotic market.

So, if you reside in a place with historical buildings or neighborhoods, you can generate leads by writing informative blog posts or videos about those buildings. Publish this content on your real estate website and share it on social media platforms to generate organic traffic. As a local, you can offer tourists unique information and insight into these homes, such as the features described above.

25. Implement Content Marketing

People are much more likely to connect with businesses they know, like, and trust. So, implementing content marketing as a real estate agent helps you to “build a relationship” with potential property sellers and purchasers, increasing the likelihood of them “buying” (or listing) from you.

A content marketing strategy is an important aspect of shifting your mentality to become an attraction agent in real estate. Content marketing is not all about bragging about your past accomplishments, the property you have marketed, or your negotiating skills. Instead, it’s about placing yourself in the shoes of a prospective client and questioning yourself: “What are the things my clients ought to know before they sell their home (or buy a property) that will assist them to feel more educated and self-assured about such a decision?”

Content marketing prioritizes information sharing over self-promotional messages. It can and ought to change how you promote yourself, make mail-box drops, and influence what you post on social media platforms and your real estate website. Sharing information and insights into property market performance, including average prices, current sales outcomes, rents, and dividends, is an excellent method to demonstrate your expertise. Besides, giving examples of how you helped former clients avoid the risk involved in selling helps people trust and establishes you as a subject expert.

To summarize this point, you should promote your content on websites like LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Quora, Medium, as well as others. Nevertheless, you’ll need first to have anchor content in place, that is, content published on your website and used to attract visitors.

26. Leverage Instagram

In the field of real estate, there is no better place for advertising than a visually appealing and widely used platform like Instagram. People use Instagram to look at pretty things, so why not showcase your stunning real estate there?

The key to growing your Instagram brand is to master the art of persuading your followers to interact with you. So, ensure you make the most of Instagram Stories to generate engagement with potential clients while also increasing brand recognition.

Instagram is a fantastic means of reaching a number of users that have established a presence on a hugely popular social media platform. Even while it is no longer easy to reach those users on Instagram due to algorithm changes that have abolished the chronological sorting of posts in favor of popularity, you still need an Instagram presence for real estate marketing.

One way of effectively utilizing Instagram Stories is to do a giveaway or competition. For example, you can ask followers to snap screenshots while watching your IG Live section and send them to you via direct message. Then, you can choose a winner and reward them with something entertaining or valuable.

Furthermore, view Instagram as a chance to share real estate photographs and videos and any other relevant lifestyle photography that can help you reach a larger audience. Finally, you can network with others by searching for widely known or relevant hashtags, as well as see what your competitors are up to on the platform.

social media for advertising

27. Use Twitter Hashtags

Another excellent platform that you should involve yourself with is Twitter. It is a  fantastic way to network with other professionals or generate leads. So, you can follow relevant real estate-related themes by searching for helpful hashtags to identify relevant information and areas that you can try to saturate and target.  However, it would be best if you do not target too many hashtags at once; instead, focus on one at a time.

Besides, you can host your own Twitter chat where you will answer questions about real estate from your leads. Nevertheless, you need to first advertise it to your leads either through social media and emails, giving them information on how they can engage with you during that time.

Furthermore, you can utilize Twitter’s search feature to identify relevant and trending hashtags to incorporate in your tweets. You can also use this to identify posts to like, comment on, or communicate with other notable real estate agents or organizations, as well as potential clients looking to sell or buy real estate.

Regardless of the fact that Twitter isn’t as popular as other social media platforms for marketing, around 80% of Twitter users have posted about a brand. This gives you a significant advantage over other social media platforms, where leads are commonly “sold” to.

In a nutshell, Twitter is worth a try if you appreciate the notion of meeting new people on the internet and assisting them to promote their interests while they help you advertise yours.

28. Contact‌ ‌Social‌ ‌Media‌ ‌Influencers

Influencer marketing, in particular, is a highly effective way for businesses to reach out to new individuals and generate new leads. Influencer marketing entails paying “influencers” on social media to promote your services or products. These influencers are people who operate in your niche on social media and have a large following.

Real estate agents have an essential role in shaping and leading the real estate business as influencers. They can also help expand potential buyers’ audience and make sales faster through advertising listings on social media.

It would be best to consider who the social media influencers in the real estate sector are and how you could reach out to them. There are lots of them in the luxury industry, as well as many in the real estate sector. It’s your responsibility to find the right influencers on the appropriate platforms with whom you can collaborate.

However, suppose you have a limited budget. In that case, this is an excellent option to sell your property because you may reach hundreds of thousands or millions of potential buyers without waiting for years to create a large profile. Nevertheless, make sure to thoroughly verify the influencers and confirm that their followers are genuine.

29. Create a Newsletter

Real estate newsletters are a crucial aspect of every agent’s outreach method since they enable you to share the latest important information with your current and potential clients on a regular basis. Not just that, they also allow you to position yourself as an informative realtor who assists buyers and sellers in making better decisions.

A newsletter is one of the simplest and most steady ways to remain in front of your clients and prospects. However, visuals and intelligent structuring make your real estate newsletter incredibly useful for generating leads and referrals.

With that said, make sure you include practical home advice, such as real estate seller and buyer tips, and use links strategically in your newsletter so you can identify who is reading it and what they are clicking on. Also, you ought to include something for sellers and buyers, and if someone clicks on a link, it’s a solid indication that they’re planning to sell or buy soon.

So, congratulations if you already have an email list of clients! It implies you have already established an audience who would be interested in hearing from you. However, if you don’t have any, it is effortless to get started! Inquire from both existing and potential clients if you could send a weekly newsletter to them with relevant information about the local real estate market. Mind you; it should be articles, videos and other stuff that you believe they might find valuable and not sales pitches or promotions.

Effective real estate email newsletters ought to focus on developing relationships with people who may want to buy a property in the future and those who aren’t looking to buy now (but won’t be for a long time). To that aim, ask your current readers to forward your newsletter to their family and friends if they find it valuable and useful.

30. Target Areas Where You Want to Sell (communities/subdivisions/cities)

Like any professional real estate agent, you should constantly bear in mind that location is really important. No matter how excellent your advertising is, if they don’t show in the correct spot, it won’t be as effective as it may be. Consequently, you ought to tailor your advertising to specific locations where you are more likely to locate the ideal clients while limiting them to places where you are unlikely to find them.

As a real estate agent, you should utilize geo and demographic targeting to grow your businesses; since it allows you to dominate specific areas where people are looking to buy or sell a home.

A target market is a geographic location where you look for potential clients for the property you want to sell. So, you need to find out which community, city, submarket, or street to target. Once you identify your target market, you can utilize that information to create a great marketing strategy that leads to higher sales.

target areas for real estate

To begin with, you need to carry out market analysis in order to choose a target market for any real estate transactions you want. If your target is not defined or is the whole of the U.S. states or a specific state, the number of opportunities will be so enormous that your transaction funnel will be overwhelming.

31. Post Tips or Ideas About Real Estate on Reddit

Reddit may not be as well-known as Facebook or Instagram, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less vital. It might not have any fancy filters, but it does have a lot of users. Based on the report from Alexa Internet, Reddit is the 19th most-visited website worldwide; there are about 330 million monthly active visitors on the website. To simply put, Reddit is incredibly popular!

In this way, Reddit for realtors is similar to Facebook groups: it’s a community meeting place where agents can nurture virtual connections with persistent effort until they turn into genuine leads. However, Reddit is not the place where anyone can carry out blatant self-promotion. In fact, that goes against the site’s core ethos. Rather, the idea is to market your real estate business by establishing genuine relationships and providing information that will be helpful.

To begin, seek out opportunities to offer your knowledge. Watch out for postings and comments that will enable you to put your real estate expertise to the test. For example, look out for discussions about your neighborhood house values, questions about a new condominium complex that recently broke ground, or requests for neighborhood guidance. Respond with genuine advice and briefly mention relevant information about your background.

Although sponsored posts are an element of Reddit’s model, it is still primarily a hugely interactive and dynamic forum for conversation, advice, and information sharing.

32. Ask Your Buyers to Give You Reviews on Yelp

As a real estate professional or agency, Yelp is an excellent place where you can start building your reputation. Setting up a business account on Yelp is free, and it can help you establish your online credibility as a real estate agent. So, embed your Yelp profile into your real estate website and email signature so that immediately you conclude a successful transaction, you can request the client to leave feedback on Yelp about their experience with you.

Integrating Yelp into your real estate website will help you improve the number of visits to your site and ensure that they remain for a long period. This step will assist you in succeeding and keeping your customers happy.

As long as you provide a lot of value and always look after your clients, you’ll be able to build a strong profile here. You can establish an “online testimonial book” for potential clients within the Yelp community if you build positive Yelp reviews.

Furthermore, after getting a couple of positive reviews posted, you may provide a link to your Yelp page to any prospective clients so they can read your performance reviews online. What do you think the impact would be?

If you search for a real estate agent or agency reviews online, there’s a high possibility that Yelp will show up on the first page of Google search results. Google often gets its ratings from Yelp profiles, so anyone will see orange stars next to your name when they search for you on Google.

33. Make Detailed Graphs, Instructions, Charts, or Maps

In the real estate industry, you can’t overlook the importance of eye-catching visuals. Real estate graphic design that is visually captivating goes a long way toward encouraging prospective client engagement and conversion rates. 

Additionally, the designs raise brand recognition for your real estate business and impact your audience, allowing you to reach a broader market. As a result, spending time honing your Photoshop abilities (or saving up enough money to employ a professional graphic designer) will enable you to include eye-catching images, graphs, charts, and other visual features in your blog and social media posts. So, always ensure your visual elements teach your viewers something useful, such as the best aspects of your local market.

The purpose of utilizing the right visuals to sell your real estate business is to make the process of buying a home as simple as possible. Mind you, the buyer’s attention is usually drawn to good graphics, making them more interested in learning more about it. 

Besides, before a buyer visits a house, they will know whether they like it or not based on its listing and the information it contains. So, do not neglect to include the necessary information and advice in your listings so that buyers have all they require to make immediate purchasing decisions.

In a nutshell, as a real estate professional, you can increase the number of people viewing your content if the graphic content is appealing enough to capture the attention of your site visitors.

graph stats

34. Leverage on Popular Trends Online (such as memes)

Do you want to know the quickest way to attract the attention of your target audience? Try using memes. Memes remind people that even serious matters can be as amusing and entertaining as anything else, and it is another subtle approach to promoting your brand and what you do.

You may believe that memes are just another online distraction that prevents you from executing vital tasks such as categorizing real estate leads in your CRM database or booking meetings with potential clients. However, they are an entertaining real estate marketing approach that is just now catching on with agents and can have your audience laughing.

Memes and GIFs travel quickly via social media platforms and are perfect for posting listings, closing real estate transactions, and describing open house postings on Facebook, Instagram, etc. They also capture attention on emails and web pages. Furthermore, many of these depict the all-too-common experiences that every real estate agent has. In a nutshell, you ought to cultivate a sense of humor to remain motivated in real estate.

This meme creates a sense of connection, and anyone who looks at it will find it hard not to smile. Even though some people enter the real estate market for the money, the most successful real estate professionals are those who are sincerely passionate about helping clients discover a house they love. This meme could be used to promote a recent house sale on social media platforms or postcards to generate new leads.

Furthermore, as soon as you discover a (politically acceptable and appropriate-for-work) meme circulating online, try to think of a way to include it on social media platforms, Pinterest, or even your blog.

35. Create a Referral System

While growing your internet presence and leadflow, don’t neglect to accelerate your real estate marketing effort online by creating a referral system. You could incorporate this into your email signature to make it more passive rather than active; however, it is not wrong to just ask for a referral at first.

But first, focus on ensuring a smooth transaction for your clients through the whole home-buying process before asking them who they know. You can request your clients to recommend you to their families and friends after a few successful transactions.

Lots of real estate agents rely heavily on referrals. Referrals are how you grow your client base, leverage your area of influence, and gain new business to increase your productivity. However, asking clients for referrals can sometimes be difficult, and the anticipation might lead to a slew of inquiries.

So, how do you go about asking your clients for a referral? First, you need to establish a connection and tell them they’re great to work with and that you’d be happy to assist their friends and families if you’re ever needed. Through this way, you’re complimenting them and at the same time requesting them to include you in their circle.

You may give out something in exchange for recommendations to inspire loyal consumers to talk about your real estate business and the advantages it has. It may be a Home Depot Gift Card, an Amazon Gift Card, or something completely different. Whatever it may be, come up with a distinct method to pitch it to your customers, and then make sure you treat everyone fairly.

36. Send Handwritten Notes to Your Clients And Prospects

Handwritten notes are one of the most critical tools in real estate marketing since they demonstrate your commitment to every client.

As a real estate professional, handwritten notes are a terrific way to distinguish yourself and establish relationships with your potential clients, thereby expanding your sphere of influence.
These notes are common in businesses where personalization, close relationships, and luxury are essential for establishing a long-term client base. However, it is not until you have $70 million listings like Douglass Elliman before you make the most of this effective strategy.

For instance, sending a handwritten note conveys that you value the person enough to take the time to write him a personal message. As a result, that person enters your sphere of influence and consequently expands your fan base.

Handwritten notes perform a better job of grabbing someone’s attention than sending yet another email to an already overloaded inbox. And when done correctly, a note appears personal and does not give the impression that it is part of a bulk mailing.

So, if you’re wondering if typed or handwritten notes are preferable for real estate, the truth is that handwritten notes are better.

37. Invest in SEO

Before people can visit your real estate website, you need to ensure they discover you on search engines. Hence, it is vital to carry out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site and blog posts to rank higher in Google searches.

Only 30% of online visitors click on anything after the third result in a search engine listing, with 64.5 % clicking on the first three results. For that reason, if your page is on the second page of search results, just about 10% of web visitors will be able to see it.

That is why it is critical for your real estate business to optimize its SEO to rank higher in search engine results and drive more traffic to your website. Real estate SEO makes it possible to reach more potential home sellers and buyers online, and you can boost your reach by prioritizing particular keywords. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more relevant traffic to your website, resulting in a higher number of qualified leads.

With good SEO, you can increase brand credibility and trust among your target audience, improve user experience, increase engagement, traffic, lead generation, and conversions

SEO surpasses other market strategies, making it considerably more affordable, dependable, and profitable when it comes to click-through rates and conversions.

This real estate marketing tactic is key, especially when you have a lot of competition in your region and need to stand tall in search engines.

38. Setup Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is an incredibly crucial and necessary tool for lead generation and improving awareness. It is advantageous if you set up a profile here for your real estate business.

To create a Google local business page, visit google.com/business and begin adding your company’s information, beginning with its description and location. This is a crucial stage in the process, and once you establish your profile as a local business, you can also ask for reviews on Google.

Realtors with an established Google My Business account have two key advantages over those who do not. First, it enhances your visibility far above the fold for branded words (that’s, searches that feature the name of your company). Google will bring out details about your company on the entire right column of search results pages, such as an address, office hours, images, reviews, popular times, etc. You can also modify these elements from within the profile of your Google My Business portal.

Secondly, when clients search for businesses similar to yours or in your sector, you will show up in Google Search and Maps. For example, if someone close to your office location searches for “professional real estate agent” or “real estate company,” you’ll show up in Google’s Local results section as follows:

Google My Business

Having a Local Business Page on Google makes it much easier for Google to have correct, updated information about your local real estate business. This gives it a leg up on the competition and allows it to satisfy 84 percent of its search inquiries better. Furthermore, Google rewards your company with higher earned search rankings, a presence in Google Maps, inclusion in the Google Local Pack, and a place to post your reviews.

39. Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook page for a Realtor is an online social media presence that allows individuals to interact with business-related posts and messages in order to connect with prospective buyers or sellers. So, creating a real estate Facebook account can help you attract clients and enhance exposure for your listings, helping you sell more homes.

Setting up a Facebook Business Page and then advertising that business with Facebook is a fantastic strategy to market your property on the internet. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, this is an excellent resource you can leverage to your advantage.

Hence, once you have set up your Facebook Business Page, make sure you’re active on it and consistently provide great value in each content you post. However, avoid spamming your followers by pitching them at every opportunity. If you want to thrive in business in the long run, try to employ tact, etiquette, and calmness.

One of the best things about having a Facebook page for your real estate business is that you can snoop on your competitors to know what is working for them and customize it for your business.

Besides, Google and some other search engines can index your Facebook business page much like a website. And since lots of clients are becoming more cautious of scams and ransomware, they may be hesitant to visit a website they are unfamiliar with, but they are likely to click through a Facebook Page for a Realtor when it shows up in search results.

40. Incorporate Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are an email marketing method that allows real estate professionals to plan and deliver information to prospects in a systematic manner.

This strategy is common among marketing experts due to its ability to generate leads, create relationships, and close deals. With drip campaigns, it is easier for you to keep in contact with a number of clients, share critical content, and create more income – at the appropriate time – by sending timely, relevant messages to them. Therefore, rather than manually sending emails, it would be best if you automate the email marketing process for your real estate business.

With drip campaigns, you can keep up to date with potential clients via automated emails or text messages until they’re ready to buy or sell a home. The emails are usually a few days or weeks apart and follow a particular sequence. Typical drip campaigns usually feature information that will benefit the buyer or seller, notifications of new properties or price changes, an introductory email, referral emails, and so on.

In a nutshell, drip email marketing allows you to create an automatic sequence of emails to nurture leads and turn them into prospects. Email campaigns keep your name in front the prospect and brings them back to your website. They are incredibly effective, receiving up to three times the number of clicks as ordinary advertising. They also assist you in expanding your marketing efforts.

41. Watch Your Competitors Closely

Do not consider your competitors as potential enemies! Instead, closely monitor their internet marketing to know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Observing what other real estate professionals are doing – their social media profiles, websites, email marketing, paid ad campaigns, blogs, etc. – can do more than just inform you about the competition. It can also assist you in developing your own result-oriented online marketing strategy.

If you constantly monitor your competitors, you might gain from their marketing methods that failed, resulting in a loss so as to avoid making the same mistakes.

Besides, by closely examining what they have done in the past, you can foresee your competitors’ future movements and strategies. This is advantageous to your real estate firm since it helps you to differentiate yourself.

Furthermore, when you are aware of your competitors’ target market and marketing method, you can anticipate what kind of influence the approach will have on your business. Knowing this information can assist you in making better plans.

Furthermore, even if your competitors are doing everything correctly, there is always something in their marketing plan or service that they are overlooking. So, carefully examine your competitors and determine how you can do things distinctively and better.

In a nutshell, pay attention to what your competitors are doing and try to avoid their blunders while replicating their success!


home for sale

42. Create a Specialty (such as a relocation specialist)

The most accomplished real estate professionals are those that have a niche or specialty. They are not typically jacks of all trades. When you become proficient in a particular niche, you are better placed to serve consumers looking for your expertise and have a valuable resource for marketing your services.

Adopting a specialty or a niche that suits you, your geographical location, and your business goals is one of the most basic strategies you should explore.

For example, you may focus on relocation as a specialty. Although working in the relocation niche may not be what you had in mind when you began your real estate agent career, it is rewarding.

Being a relocation specialist in real estate can be lucrative, and agents specializing in this area are in high demand. This is due to the stress people experience while migrating to a new setting, especially on short notice. So, agents who specialize in this niche help their clients in alleviating the stress of relocating. And, as experts point out, the extra effort isn’t in vain. Real estate professionals that specialize in relocation properties can make above $90,000 per year. Besides that, the relocation niche is one of the few that assures you quick turnover and referrals.

In reality, choosing a specialty allows you to strategically and carefully position yourself in front of prospective clients who are right for you. Besides, when you are specific about who you serve and how you do them, you instantly distinguish yourself from the sea of skilled realtors in your area.
Furthermore, focusing on a specialty helps you maximize your time and go deep into the knowledge and abilities required to provide the most incredible service to your clients.

43. Conduct a Webinar

Technological advances have presented real estate agents with an almost limitless number of innovative ways to market to potential clients. Webinars are one of the most fun and effective of them all.

Real estate webinars are among the simplest and most efficient ways to communicate with a large group of people and are an excellent way to reach people from all around the world since they have no geographic barriers. When done correctly, you have a sophisticated tool for expanding your business brand, customer base, and revenue.

With the appropriate strategy, you can capture your audience’s attention in a way that videos can’t. This is partly due to the interactive aspect of the training, which allows your audience to ask questions and receive direct feedback. Besides, those who signed up but were unable to attend the live event can access them at a later date.

Potential clients prefer a real estate professional who can show a thorough understanding of their market’s current conditions as well as insight into trends that may influence their home purchase or sale decision. This is where a webinar may truly help you stand out. However, simply informing viewers about the market isn’t enough. You need to show the facts guiding your analysis using the most recent market data to deliver an interactive and credible webinar presentation.

So, if you feel comfortable and have enough time, hosting a webinar can be a terrific method to draw more attention to your business. Besides, webinars can also be reused as YouTube videos, providing valuable video information that you can share on your website. Anyone who visits your site can view it anytime.

44. Make Use of Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook advertising is usually the most efficient approach to reach out to prospective clients. Facebook offers many targeting options to ensure that you are only paying to be shown to your core target audiences.

According to a recent survey by Mediakix, the average person spends 35 minutes each day on Facebook, offering you, the real estate agent, a great opportunity to get your killer Facebook advertising in front of the right audience.

Facebook is also intrinsically visual (much like real estate) and offers incredibly good targeting options, allowing you to reach the exact demographic you want, from first-time, newlywed home purchasers to rich coastal retirees. Furthermore, Facebook advertising allows you to target a specific audience based on parameters like gender, age, area, interests, and much more.

Even if you’re a seasoned real estate agent, you obviously want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to advertising, and Facebook Ads allow you to achieve just that. If you’re unsure who your target audience is, Facebook Ads can help pinpoint them. The Audience Insights feature makes it easier for you to know more about the people who click on your advertisements.

Facebook currently has the same amount of traffic as Google. This is why it is critical to stay competitive on both Google and Facebook. This is also the reason Facebook Ads have such a high success rate, notably in today’s social media-driven market.

In a nutshell, you can target your sellers and buyers using Facebook Ads based on their interests, geographical locations, demographics, spending history, and various other factors.

45. Leverage Print Media Advertising

print media advertising

Compared to the preceding decade, the competition for real estate professionals on social media has increased significantly. So, since good percentages of your competitors are on the internet, it would be best if you compete with them by staying one step ahead, using print media advertising. Most agents will avoid print media marketing in this digitally sophisticated era, while new realtors moving into the industry without experience or a marketing plan will use digital marketing methods. As a result, you can stand out by promoting your real estate business in print publications such as local magazines, newspapers, etc.

Real estate print media marketing also turns out to be the most effective medium for generating positive emotions and establishing authentic, warm relationships with your target audience.

Besides, since print media are highly credible, they help to build reader loyalty. Lots of people subscribe to newspapers and magazines because they acknowledge and believe the info they get is factual and reliable. Print media can help you grow sales, revenue, and profits cost-effectively. Thanks to technological advancements, even small real estate project developers can now reach potential buyers via print advertising at a lower cost than ever before.

Furthermore, no matter how effective they are right now, your online advertisements can easily be lost with time – all thanks to the hustle and bustle of Internet banalities. On the other hand, print publications will remain in homes, businesses, and offices for months, if not years. It will continue to generate leads long after being published, reaching out to new people and informing them of your services.

46. Organize Free Seminars for Property Buyers

Organizing a real estate seminar is one of the most effective lead generating tactics you can adopt if you’re seeking high-quality real estate leads. Despite its efficiency, this real estate lead generation method is usually disregarded by agents and brokers. This is due to the amount of work and planning required to set one up. Nevertheless, the benefits of hosting a well-attended informative seminar can be enormous since you know that everyone who attends is strongly interested in your topic to sit for your presentation.

So, as a real estate professional, leverage seminars to help or educate property sellers, buyers, homeowners, or renters on a housing-related topic. That can go a long way in establishing a solid relationship with prospects.

You don’t have to offer value to your local residence only when you have listings on the market. Instead, look for areas to organize informational sessions to share your knowledge and advice with the community. You can use a sign-in sheet to get the details of the attendees and follow up afterwards.

In addition, offering free informative real estate seminars can be a great way of boosting your other lead generation strategies. A good percentage of real estate professionals depend on referrals for a considerable proportion of their business. But regrettably, you do not influence when those referrals get to you. However, seminars can be planned around your schedule and the current state of your pipelines.

Furthermore, since seminars are held in person, it is easier to establish a personal connection with your audience and measure their level of interest and participation. Seminars also don’t require much technological know-how; all you need are basic sales skills and some free material.

47. Create And Give Out Killer Business Cards

Great real estate business cards are one of the most effective ways to promote your contact details and credentials while establishing your reputation and reliability. Giving potential clients a good, high-quality business card creates a lasting impression. They can also serve as a portal to your real estate website as well as a listing of many other properties you manage.

Besides, they also bring in new clients and expand your sphere of influence. The most important thing here is to make it easier for people to remember you, and business cards are an excellent way to do that.

Take a chance and get some unique business cards that few people have seen before. You can get inspiration for your own idea by looking at the business cards featured on ViralNova.

With that said, search for the top business card creation services available in your locality and look for one that offers unique variations such as the one above, which will help prospects remember you long after your interaction with them is over. It may seem like a tiny detail to devote much time to, but real estate agent marketing is constantly evolving and becoming more competitive. So, seemingly insignificant details like this can help you stay top-of-mind.

The importance of killer, professional business cards can never be overemphasized. You will often have face-to-face interactions with sellers, purchasers, and other industry professionals, so it is critical to have your details readily available to share with them.

business cards for Realtors

48. Make The Most of Call Tracking

Call tracking is another conversion-centric strategy every real estate professional should use. Lots of prospects prefer to speak with someone rather than filling out a form on a webpage and waiting for a callback. Immediacy is crucial! Real estate agents or agencies can use call tracking tools to assign unique phone numbers to various marketing channels, then examine analytics to see which promotional strategies convert better than others.

A call tracking tool lets you collect data on the calls received for every number and assign it to your traffic sources, acquisition campaigns, and advertising media, allowing your team to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, call tracking gives real estate agents and their marketing teams a way to know how callers found them, and it can also be utilized to address some of the issues that these callers are encountering.

With a call tracking program, your real estate business will know precisely which promotional strategies and marketing efforts are making the phone ring, rather than relying on gut instinct or back-of-the-envelope arithmetic.

As you can see, call tracking is essential in the real estate business; so, if you don’t want to miss out on leads or look outdated in comparison to your competition, make use of it.

Call tracking not only allows you to track the numbers but also lets you route a call to the right agent, record it for important insights, and review what is working and what is not.

In a nutshell, call tracking solutions with the right access can help you improve your marketing approach and generate leads while also enabling you to make informed decisions.

49. Focus on Increasing Brand Awareness

Real estate branding is the deliberate placement of your real estate business in a way that builds a sense of confidence and trust with your target audience of home sellers and buyers.

All real estate professionals are involved in the same buying and selling of property. As a result, your brand identity ought to go beyond merely informing potential clients that you specialize in commercial or residential real estate transactions. So, as a professional realtor, it is critical to delve deeper into your expertise to establish your unique selling proposition. This includes the things you do better than or different from the other realtors in your area.

A good brand in real estate is one that people can rely on, trust, and recognize. Buyers and sellers both need that, and so do the home inspectors, title companies, mortgage lenders, and others you interact with. A good brand doesn’t develop overnight, so you have to start working on it immediately. Even if you don’t have a big budget, just start where you are. The biggest names in real estate or other fields didn’t start big – they started from somewhere.

In a nutshell, building and promoting your brand is critical in the real estate industry; it helps your real estate business dominate your local market. However, this doesn’t just mean leaving a flyer on someone’s windshield or front doors; it means being just as identifiable in your physical location as well as online.

50. Become an Expert in Your Niche

Becoming a niche expert is a tried-and-true method to discover the best opportunities in the real estate business. Golden opportunities are unlikely to come your way by luck, but gaining as much knowledge as possible about the neighborhood where you serve will undoubtedly set you apart from your competition. You will command authority if you are an expert; you won’t have to sell anything since you’ll be drawing buyers to yourself. This isn’t something that happens overnight or quickly, but it does happen with time.

Make sure you share a lot of relevant stuff and position yourself as an expert to your local audience. However, don’t attempt to appear as if you know more than they do. Always be researching and learning, then sharing what you’ve learned with the rest of the world via appropriate social media outlets, and people will inevitably look to you for advice, attracting more and more prospects in the process.

Consumers usually seek assistance and interpretation of local market situations after conducting their own research. They are often more informed about geographical data than the average agent. So, if you encounter one of these well-informed consumers, you better know what you’re talking about, or they’ll ditch you and hire someone who does.

In summary of this point, you can set yourself apart from the thousands of other real estate professionals in your market by focusing on a niche. Still, it must be something you can be or are enthusiastic about.

51. Create Pinterest Boards

Organizing a real estate seminar is one of the most effective lead generating tactics you can adopt if you’re seeking high-quality real estate leads. Despite its efficiency, this real estate lead generation method is usually disregarded by agents and brokers. This is due to the amount of work and planning required to set one up. Nevertheless, the benefits of hosting a well-attended informative seminar can be enormous since you know that everyone who attends is strongly interested in your topic to sit for your presentation.

So, as a real estate professional, leverage seminars to help or educate property sellers, buyers, homeowners, or renters on a housing-related topic. That can go a long way in establishing a solid relationship with prospects.

You don’t have to offer value to your local residence only when you have listings on the market. Instead, look for areas to organize informational sessions to share your knowledge and advice with the community. You can use a sign-in sheet to get the details of the attendees and follow up afterwards.

In addition, offering free informative real estate seminars can be a great way of boosting your other lead generation strategies. A good percentage of real estate professionals depend on referrals for a considerable proportion of their business. But regrettably, you do not influence when those referrals get to you. However, seminars can be planned around your schedule and the current state of your pipelines.

Furthermore, since seminars are held in person, it is easier to establish a personal connection with your audience and measure their level of interest and participation. Seminars also don’t require much technological know-how; all you need are basic sales skills and some free material.

Pinterest boards of homes
pinterest boards

52. Engage The Services of a Real Estate Photographer

Photos often play a crucial role when it comes to selling real estate properties. But unfortunately, only a few real estate professionals and owners understand the significance of this one concept when it comes to marketing a home or Condominium on the internet.

In reality, people usually judge a book by its cover, notably when browsing through numerous listings online. So, it will be wise if you spend little extra money to get outstanding photographs for your real estate listings. Doing this will more than pay for itself in the long term and will certainly result in consumers who will recommend your service to others.

Besides, hiring a professional real estate photographer for your listings can also help them sell more quickly. A recent study by PR Newswire shows that listings with professional real estate images sold 32% faster than those without professional photos. And as a real estate agent, faster sales mean you’ll get your commission checks sooner.

What is needed, in essence, is something that will appeal to potential buyers searching through numbers of listings in their region. It ought to accurately convey a high-quality space via professional standards using a wide-angle lens and meticulous (but not overly doctored) Photoshop retouching.

Furthermore, According to studies, 98 percent of homebuyers decide whether or not to visit a house after viewing the listing photos online. Therefore, employing an expert real estate photographer for your listings can be a game-changer.

53. Create a Professional Video Tour

If a professional real estate picture is worth a thousand words, how much more can a video tour convey?  One of the most efficient ways to assist prospects in discovering what each property has to offer is to use listing videos to highlight what you have for sale. This is one of the effective strategies you can adopt to motivate potential clients to strengthen their relationship with you and establish phone and in-person meetings.

A perfectly made real estate video – whether it’s a phone-shot virtual tour or drone-shot aerial footage has often been an excellent resource for both sellers and buyers. This is because it reveals the property in far more detail than a photograph or textual description.

Embedding a virtual tour in your real estate website is a wise step since more consumers, particularly millennials, browse listings from the comfort of their own homes. This will allow you to reach more buyers and sellers.

Yes, you can still sell your property even without a virtual tour; however, most buyers are unwilling to look at listings that do not include one. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 survey, real estate websites with embedded video were the most trusted source for information about real estate, surpassing even the experts themselves.   

In essence, virtual tours have significant marketing benefits: they capture audiences’ attention for minutes at a time, meaning they’re more likely to feel immersed in the engagement and move on to the next step in the buying process.

professional real estate video

54. Invest in a Complimentary Moving Truck

When it comes to branded complimentary moving trucks, real estate is one of the industries that stand to benefit the most. Real estate agents are beginning to see the importance of stationary messaging for their business, and one method of doing that is through branded trucks. A moving truck is required for almost everyone who is relocating into a new home. And as a realtor, you can capitalize on this demand by giving out a moving truck to your clients and then place an ad: “Sell or buy with me, and use this truck for free.”

By doing so, you’re already making the relocation process much easier for all of your clients. Since you’re easing the moving process for your clients, they’ll tell their friends and families about the advantages of owning a truck.

This will not only get you word-of-mouth promotion, but you also get natural advertising from your clients moving the truck around. You can see that your moving truck has turned into a mobile billboard.

Furthermore, clients may not even be required to drive the moving truck around for it to be seen. People will pass it if it is just parked somewhere, and that would have made an impression.

Another easy way to make the most of your moving truck is to allow charity organizations to use it for their functions. They will spread the news that you’re helping the community by donating your truck, and you’ll reap the benefits of organic promotion from the truck being moved around and parked in visible locations.

So, purchasing a moving truck and branding it on the sides is a unique approach to staying distinctly ahead of your local market competitors.

55. Give Buyer Rebates or Other Incentives

Rebates or other incentives are a tried-and-true method of motivating people, including real estate buyers. And since it’s one of the biggest investments people make in life, there’s no reason to believe rebates or incentives don’t work or are irrelevant in the real estate sector.

As a basis of marketing, we’re practically hardwired to respond positively to incentives. Consider the child who will tidy their room, vacuum the houses and clean the dishes for a few dollars allowance. Most clients appreciate receiving incentives or rebates, mainly when the offer is straightforward or convenient and significantly contributes to their purchase or has a pricing impact.

Although lots of agents frown at buyer rebates since they result in less money at closing; however, they are really a terrific strategy to expand your business. This is particularly true for new real estate agents looking to differentiate themselves from the most accomplished agents and boost lead creation early in their careers.

In a nutshell, rebates and incentives are key elements of real estate marketing and an excellent, proven approach to engaging your target audience since they serve as motivations for their decision-making. Giving a rebate or other incentives to a buyer can help you stand out, making you more competitive and winning more buyer agency deals.

56. Use Automated Text Messaging

As a real estate professional, it is critical to have a quick response time. But how can you start engaging leads when you are too busy to pick up the phone or respond to emails, or offline when your client’s or prospect isn’t? Lots of real estate agents sometimes face this puzzle, especially when they are unable to provide a prompt response to client inquiries. Even well-intentioned prospects who indicate an interest in a property late at night expect to be swiftly taken in; however, you are already into a well-deserved deep sleep.

A late response from you gives the message that you aren’t concerned enough, and the deal dies an early death. As a result, it would be best if you consider real estate text messaging. With it, you can craft suitably worded auto-responders, enabling you to quickly respond to client queries promptly, even if you’re eating, napping, riding, or touring another client around.

Therefore, you can engage your leads with automated text messages until you have time to call back. These leads will prefer a quick answer rather than having to wait for you to respond. Furthermore, text messages have a far higher open rate than emails.

So, when considering a fast and reliable way of communicating with your prospects, think real estate text messaging service. In reality, it’s a channel you shouldn’t overlook when building your sales pipeline or strategy. Linking it with your CRM will help you get more steady leads into your funnel and boost your conversion rates.

57. Create a Blog Post or a Video Series Outlining Some of The Best
Restaurants and Entertainment in The Location

Although property prices, features, style, and size are more important to modern house buyers; however, living in a neighborhood with a diverse range of food and entertainment choices is becoming increasingly vital. Yelp, among other websites, provides reviews and information about restaurants, movie theaters, and other similar businesses. However, these sites have certain drawbacks: getting a well-written review or the proper information can take a long time. And that’s where you come in as the all-knowing real estate professional.

You can consider creating a series of blog entries or videos that provide information about the best restaurants and establishments in your neighborhood for home buyers showing an interest in your market. It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with these locations; just think of your favorite places to go and watch a play or grab a bite with families or friends. Then, note down why you enjoy specific locations and share your thoughts with the world at large.

Furthermore, you can also include a blog post featuring the top five or ten things people in your neighborhood should know at the start of each month. These can include upcoming fun events, soon-to-open restaurants, government meetings taking place, and upcoming store sales – in fact, anything that will pique the interest of as many people in your area as possible.

58. Incorporate a Killer Real Estate Agent Bio Into Your About Page

Like any professional real estate agent, you should constantly bear in mind that location is really important. No matter how excellent your advertising is, if they don’t show in the correct spot, it won’t be as effective as it may be. Consequently, you ought to tailor your advertising to specific locations where you are more likely to locate the ideal clients while limiting them to places where you are unlikely to find them.

As a real estate agent, you should utilize geo and demographic targeting to grow your businesses; since it allows you to dominate specific areas where people are looking to buy or sell a home.

A target market is a geographic location where you look for potential clients for the property you want to sell. So, you need to find out which community, city, submarket, or street to target. Once you identify your target market, you can utilize that information to create a great marketing strategy that leads to higher sales.

58. Incorporate a Killer Real Estate@2x

This bio is addressed to both clients and business colleagues.

59. Get a Professional Headshot

Headshots are more than just cute pictures. They convey your personal brand’s story and set expectations for prospects. Your professional headshot should represent who you are, what you stand for, your business, as well as how you do business. In fact, they’re just as important as your logo in terms of branding. 

The first step in establishing trust is to have a professional headshot. Buyers and sellers want an agent that is knowledgeable, competent, and willing to go above and beyond. These buyers will conclude that if you can’t be bothered to set aside a few times working with a professional photographer to acquire a good headshot, you won’t go out of your way to help them either.

Besides, having a top-notch headshot on your website, business cards, and other marketing materials can help enhance your confidence and the confidence other people have in your professional abilities. The truth is that if you are serious about yourself, others will be as well. A terrific headshot guarantees that you make the best possible impression. 

It also makes you feel great about your brand and what other experts think when they view your image. It’s just as vital to look the part as it is to act the part, and a top-notch headshot can help you look the deal whether you are just starting out or already a pro.

Your professional headshot ought to convey to new buyers that you are not only professional but also friendly, approachable, and down-to-earth.

In a nutshell, you are your brand; thus, your picture should portray a welcoming approach while still elevating your brand with a professional appearance. So, contact an expert photographer who can offer positioning advice and ensure that the finished product is sharp and attractive in a range of formats.

60. Develop Proposition That Benefits Clients

Your value proposition represents your promise to clients that you will provide them with something of value. It’s a statement that outlines the advantage you provide, who will benefit from it, and why you’re the ideal person to provide it. 

The value proposition is the primary reason a consumer should use your service. Therefore, if you want your real estate business to succeed and survive in this market-based economy, make the most out of your value proposition and stand out. 

You should not only have distinct attributes that distinguish you from the competition if you want to be a great agent; you should also describe what those distinct features mean to your prospects, leads, and neighborhood.

An efficient, succinct value proposition should demonstrate your strength and value as a realtor, as well as show how your services can benefit clients and are the finest option available.se

It should convince a prospect that your service is superior to similar offers from your competitors. You understand why your real estate business is great, but do your prospective clients know what makes your brand unique? As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to have a clear, simple value proposition.

A strong value proposition can set you apart from your competition and is usually used by prospects to assess you. And for many clients, your value proposition is the very first thing they see when they learn about your brand. 

When developing a value proposition, ensure you identify all the benefits your services provide. Your value proposition will create an impression if you describe what makes these benefits worthwhile in a reader-friendly manner. 


61. Create a 30-second Elevator Pitch to Utilize When Engaging
With New Prospects

61. Create a 30-second Elevator@2x

An elevator pitch for a real estate agent is a brief presentation of who you are and what you do, and it is an important step in growing your real estate business. It usually lasts 20 to 30 seconds and should include a brief summary of your business as well as explain what sets you apart.

It’s your opportunity to make a great first impression of yourself and your real estate business. Irrespective of its name, it can be used in a variety of situations –  not simply elevator encounters.

You can not tell where you will encounter your next client. Yes, you have friends, family, and coworkers, but how do you present yourself and your brand when meeting someone new? So, always put your best foot forward, irrespective of where you may be at any point in time.

As a professional real estate agent looking to climb the ladder of success, you should have a well-balanced elevator pitch that is both rehearsed and personable, factual but not overwhelming, and well-timed but not overbearing.

Your real estate elevator pitch ought to briefly explain what you can do for your prospects while engaging with them. It should outline your unique value proposition – what sets you apart from the competition—and how this will profit them. It is termed an elevator pitch for a cause: you ought to be able to rehearse it while in an elevator traveling a few floors – that should take roughly 30 seconds.

If you are a new agent starting your real estate career, it would be best to prepare your elevator pitch once you get your real estate license. Your 30-second elevator pitch can become an effective marketing and lead generation weapon if you concentrate on presenting a distinctive message, delivering a unique value proposition, and exhibiting confidence and passion.

62. Get Some Stuff With Your Branding Printed on it

As a real estate agent or an agency, you can attract much-needed attention from prospects by luring them with promotional items. Nevertheless, like with all marketing tactics, you ought to be careful while selecting the advertising items to use. If you offer products that people find helpful in their daily lives, you’ll have a better chance of connecting them with your real estate brand.

Brand awareness in your community can aid in the expansion of your business. And so, get promotional products like umbrellas, keychains, calendars, notepads, pens, etc., and print your name, contact details, and logo to hand out to clients or at community events. Having your brand and phone number proudly showcased on products like these can help prospects remember you when they need a real estate agent in the future.

Besides, consumers love promotional products, and leveraging this strategy can help you make headway. According to sageworld.com statistics, 74 percent of consumers have at least promotional material in their workstations, 91 percent have at least one in their kitchen, and 55 percent have at least one in their bedroom. At the same time, statistics from Impresspm.com reveal that 89 percent of consumers remember the advertiser of a promotional product they received in the previous two years.

Furthermore, according to Imcsuccess.com statistics, promotional products generate 500 percent more referrals from delighted consumers than an appeal letter alone.

In this present market-inclined world, you can have promotional branding on nearly anything; so, get creative and offer goods like foldable keychain umbrellas or even miniature Bluetooth speakers to potential clients. Besides, since marketing materials aren’t region-specific, you can consider getting them in bulk (to save money) and utilize them at all of your events.

63. Always Dress Distinctively And Professionally

In the real estate profession, appearances are more crucial than most people believe, and it may seem impolite. Still, many clients will rate realtors based on their appearance as much as their reputation, knowledge, experience, and communication skills. Always keep in mind that first impressions are critical when it comes to the real estate business. Realtors’ appearance matters a lot, and this is largely due to the fact that many clients will pick their agent based on gut feelings and even looks. However, it’s often preferable to keep things basic while remaining professional.

Lots of real estate professionals out there have a distinctive appearance, whether it is a dress style, a color they often put on, a hat, or even a hairstyle. You, too, can create a distinguishing, positive aspect for your own brand that’s identifiable and memorable.

Another thing realtors should be conscious of is the latest fashion trends. This is because they will make you stand out as someone knowledgeable about a variety of things and not only the local real estate market. However, you ought to always look like yourself and follow your own sense of style. You can create your unique combination of trends and personality to have the ultimate work outfits, screaming, “I’m your guy.”

Furthermore, if you are a younger agent, it is strongly recommended that you begin wearing decent clothing such as suits and ties while you are out with your clients. This will help you avoid certain discriminatory questions about your age and instead receive genuine real estate questions.

64. Make Use of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a novel way of using historical and current large data to make accurate, evidence-based forecasts about what will happen in the future.

In this digital era, the internet is often the starting step for every prospective property owner. They usually don’t contact a real estate professional until they’ve narrowed down their search and have a better notion of what they’re searching for.

Every realtor can leverage user data to understand the buyer’s journey better using predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can identify customers who are looking to buy a property and reach out to them with the correct message at the right moment.

So, as a real estate professional, you can utilize predictive analytics technology to find a prospect before they contact you. These technologies, for example, can analyze data from the internet and the Multiple Listing Service to estimate which homeowners will sell their properties this year. Then, rather than targeting the entire community, you may focus on particular individuals.

The most significant advantage of predictive analytics to real estate professionals is the reliable property value forecasts. Predictive analytics uses previous data to forecast future value patterns. This means you don’t have to tell your seller or buyer client how much the house is worth right now; you can also give them an estimate of how much the house will worth decades from now.

weekly sales statistics

This offers you a lot of negotiating power. For example, if a house is valued to sell well on the current market but is expected to depreciate over time, you can use it as a bargaining point to secure a better deal for your buyer. Conversely, if a home’s value is anticipated to rise over time, that’s crucial information for a buyer to consider when making an offer or for a seller to consider when establishing an asking price.

In a nutshell, predictive analytics helps real estate professionals take lead generation to the highest level, allowing them to do more real estate business in far less time.

65. Live Videos on Social Media

For real estate professionals looking to increase engagement with prospects, Facebook Live is an excellent tool to try out. Facebook even favors live videos over uploaded videos, according to evidence. In one experiment, Facebook Live videos had 241 percent more replies and 1,390 percent more comments than a regularly published video.

Many real estate businesses are turning to live videos on social media to generate leads, and if done correctly, you can make headway with it as well. The perfect way to make the most of social media live video is at open houses. People who are unable to attend the open house, in reality, can still participate online. Additionally, you can simultaneously stream to Facebook and YouTube and keep these videos accessible on both platforms to earn views.

Consider Facebook Live to be just another opportunity to connect one-on-one with potential clients – because that’s what it exactly is. With it, you can have a conversation with people on the other end of the screen even while you may not be able to see them. Although the thought of live-streaming yourself may make you apprehensive; however, if you get the hang of it, it’s a fantastic means of reaching your target market with interesting, unforgettable content.

A Facebook Live broadcast, like any other marketing tactic, may only get a fleeting glance from people as they navigate through their News Feed. However, if used effectively as part of a larger marketing strategy, Facebook Live can help your real estate company generate leads, build loyalty, and eventually improve sales. If video allows you to engage with clients more personally, Facebook Live tends to take it to a whole new level.
People enjoy watching real estate transactions take place. It’s for this reason that there are lots of real estate shows on television. So, give people what they desire if you want to grow a following quickly. You can share a behind-the-scenes video showing how anyone can stage a home, the difficulties and obstacles you address, the setup process for an open house, and purchasers receiving keys to their dream houses.

66. Join Forces With Local Businesses

Real estate agents with expanding businesses are constantly seeking new methods to reach out to more people. Establishing relationships with local businesses is a great approach to generate additional referrals. Forming ties with local businesses is one of the most effective methods to develop and sustain a successful real estate business. When performed correctly, you can become a household brand in your community, enabling you to focus your listings and sales near home.

This close-to-home business strategy results in a more balanced lifestyle as well as a more specialized focus on your neighborhood. If you take the business of building ties with local businesses seriously, it will result in an increase in earnings from the referral-based business.

One of the best, profiting local businesses you can consider partnering with is the home service providers. Most people who plan to sell their home make changes before putting it on the market. Hence, working with service providers who specialize in this field may boost the number of leads contacting you. You can build ties with HVAC contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, etc., which will benefit both of you. Let them know that lots of new house owners ( like your clients) require these same services.

When you work with these individuals, they can recommend you to others, and you can reciprocate the same favor to them. For example, if a buyer client seeks a reputable electrician, you can refer them to the one you’ve joined forces with.

Furthermore, you can also consider building ties with local moving companies. Local moving companies deal with homeowners in transition all the time; hence, they can be your prime audience as a real estate agent.

In a nutshell, partnering with another local business allows you to mix not only your talents but also devise a strategy that will bring both of you more business in the long term.

67. Network With Real Estate Developers And Other Agents

Reaching out to your local competitors is obviously not a good idea, but realtors in other areas might be valuable partners. For instance, if you operate in a suburban neighborhood, you can contact real estate agents in the nearest big city. You never can tell if your next buyer might be one of their selling clients. Besides, look for trends of people migrating into your area from other places to determine where you should direct your attention.

Building collaboration with any business, of course, necessitates some give and take. Hence, consider what you can provide in return for referrals. If you offer welcome packs for your clients and prospects, you can think of giving brochures, coupons, and other marketing items to referral partners. Include them on your blog or websites to help them gain more visibility. Besides, it is worth noting that the more you build a more robust local business network, the more referrals you’ll get.

In addition, as an estate agent, you should strive to learn who your local developers are and their plans for your neighborhood. Of course, you want to be top of mind when it’s time for them to hire an agent. Always keep in mind that collaboration is beneficial for local businesses, especially real estate.

Furthermore, joining forces with a real estate developer can provide you with a unique way to market your properties. Since house developers engage with people looking for homes, forming a partnership with them will increase the likelihood that they will recommend you to their clients if they do not already have a real estate agent.

68. Attend Meetings of Real Estate Investors Club

Most real estate professionals overlook real estate investors as a source of leads and do not make an attempt to target them. However, suppose you collaborate with your local Real Estate Investor Association and regularly attend their meetings. In that case, you can uncover an excellent stream of real estate leads, whether for commercial or residential settings.

Participating in a local real estate investment meeting is one of the finest methods to get your business up and running. If you’ve never been a member of an investment club before, you’re missing out on a wealth of educational and networking opportunities. Although attending their monthly meetings may not be your preferred way to spend your evening; however, they can help your business grow fast.

One of the main reasons to attend investment union meetings is the great opportunity to network with people. A good number of investment clubs meet once every month and give members the time to socialize for at least one hour prior to the formal meeting. So, you can make the most of this period to build relationships with local investors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and contractors. These are possibly valuable relationships that you can use in your everyday work, depending on the state and place of the meetings. Attending the meeting will be good enough to justify it if you can make just one or two new contacts per week. Most real estate transactions are conducted locally, with the assistance of personal contacts. Hence, networking at these events will expand your contact base, helping you to discover deals in the long run.

For starters, you can consider working with first-time investors who are purchasing their first investment property. You may be startled to know that lots of newbie investors know significantly less than you do. They will take more time and work and will be more unlikely to close easily compared to experienced investors.

68. Attend Meetings of Real Estate@2x

69. Utilize Bing And Yahoo Ads

Setting up advertisement campaigns is critical for driving visitors to your real estate website. While Google may reign supreme in the world of searches, Bing also plays an important role in helping real estate professionals be found online. Both Google and Bing offer nearly the same ad possibilities, albeit the services and extras that come with each advertising package vary slightly.

In addition, Bing, which also runs Yahoo’s search engine, provides PPC ads options as well as keyword research tools. Besides, it also allows the importation of existing AdWords campaigns into its platform by users. It means that any advertising you create, just as with AdWords, will be eligible to appear in Bing’s SERPs as well as websites the search engine is partnering with, giving your ads a wider reach.

One of the key advantages of using the Bing advertising network over AdWords is that the Bing network has fewer advertisers, which means that cost per click(PPC) and cost per mille (CPM) can be cheaper. Ad ranking can also be higher in many circumstances. Bing/Yahoo account for about a third of the search engine market, and both have large user bases, which is excellent news for every advertiser.

Therefore, when brainstorming over real estate advertising strategies to employ as an alternative to Google, try out Bing’s services. With it, you are sure to get the outcome you want from your search engine ads in a cost-effective way.

In a nutshell, Bing/Yahoo is a popular search engine that you can use to bring leads to your real estate website. Nevertheless, both Bing and Google services can help you generate more new leads and secure new business.

70. Use Top Aggregator Websites

A content aggregator website gathers data from various sources on the web and organizes it in one place for people to access. Previously, everyone was a competitor; however, brands can now assist one another without risking anything. While two main competitors may not support each other, combining information from indirect competitors and other businesses benefits everyone.

There is a plethora of information and data being uploaded on the internet each day. As such, content aggregation is generally being recognized by people and businesses, including real estate agents, as a wonderful way to discover and reuse relevant content from the net. The primary goal is to develop a content stream that provides users with the greatest available content on the internet as per interest, relevance, and intrigue.

The big data aggregators manage a lot of the information dispersed all through the local search market. As a result, supplying your data to these aggregators raises the likelihood that Google and other search engines will take your business in high regard. So, if you appropriately list your real estate business while other local agents and brokers do not, you will get a competitive edge.

Using top content aggregator websites comes with many advantages, such as the ability to collect user-generated content about your business brand, monitor the internet marketing tactics of your competitors, discover more things about your target market, etc. Besides that, it also saves you and your team time in your hectic schedules since you don’t have to go searching for the web content – as it’s automatically compiled for you.

71. Include Your Pet in Some of The Images for Your Real Estate Listings

When selling your property, you want to ensure it is showcased in the best possible light. Because the more appealing it is to the more significant number of potential purchasers, the more likely it is that your home will sell quickly.

The main benefit for real estate professionals that include dogs in their listing photos is that it exposes the home to a bigger pool of would-be homeowners looking to buy a home sooner or later. Although not every home buyer would love seeing a cute French bulldog or other adorable pet throughout a home, they browse on your real estate website. However, that listing photo with a pet is unlikely to turn off prospects — and may even attract the consumers you seek.

For most people, pets have become an increasingly important part of their households, influencing where they reside in many circumstances. According to a recent survey by Ally Home, 44% of respondents stated they consider their pets’ requirements when deciding where to reside. Another 20% of respondents stated they brought their pets with them when looking for a home.

Besides, incorporating pets in some of your listing photos can help point out that the building is pet-friendly, as well as distinguishing it from other listings online. However, while including pets in your listing can provide a sense of whimsy and entertainment, it doesn’t mean you have to include them in every shot.

In a word, it’s a good idea to include your cute dog or cat in your listing photos or get one from a friend or relative. When you share a property listing photo with your pet incorporated, it usually attracts more viewers, more shares, and more social engagement. And, of course, it is rewarding when people share your listing on social media frequently.

72. Sponsor Local Events

One of the best lead generation strategies is to target couples having a divorce. These prospects are most likely seeking a new home to buy or sell within a short time and could be your best target. You can even earn professional certification to help enhance your reputation among these prospects.

No one really knows the actual divorce rate in the United States, although most demographers estimate that 40 to 50 percent of American marriages experience divorce. So, irrespective of where you operate your real estate business, there will be a demand for your services if you focus on real estate divorce listings.

A divorcing couple might handle their home in a variety of ways. For example, one party can transfer ownership to the other by signing a document, while in some cases, they can continue co-owning. Conversely, some couples may face foreclosure or even bankruptcy. So, you are not just after anyone who’s going through a divorce.

The reality is that 61 percent of divorcing couples put their home for sale in order to separate, and you’ll need efficient real estate divorce advertisements to attract those sellers.

There are many options for you to find divorce leads. Buying a list is, of course, one of the simplest options. You may also explore forming a partnership with local divorce lawyers to make it easier to locate and connect with these prospects.

73. Film Neighborhood Community Videos

Apart from the house itself, one of the most significant things a potential buyer considers while searching for a new place is the neighborhood. They’d like to know what kind of amenities are close, whether there are parks or a pool, how good the schools are, and what kind of nightlife and culture they can expect. And a terrific way to show off these features is with a neighborhood video walkthrough.

So, make videos that highlight the neighborhood ambiance around the properties you have for sale, so your potential buyers know they are migrating to a safe place with great amenities and surrounding neighborhoods. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also showcase other houses, restaurants, businesses, shopping areas, developments, and other great features of the surrounding area to help your prospects know the type of community they may possibly move into.

A neighborhood video tour provides prospective buyers and renters with a wealth of information about what it’s like to reside in the home you’re marketing. However, what you should concentrate on during this video tour will be based upon the neighborhood’s amenities and your target audience.

So, before you begin creating your video tour, make sure you do your homework and get to know the area and everything it has to offer. You can do some research about the place online, but the best way to get a true feel of what it’s like to reside there is to visit and speak with some of the residents.

Furthermore, make a note of how close the various amenities and neighborhood features are to the house you’re selling.

74. Sponsor Pet Adoption Events

Getting engaged in your local community’s activities, such as sponsoring a pet adoption event, is one unique strategy to generate leads. You can consider setting up a real estate booth with a pet theme and offer advice and answers to people’s inquiries about the real estate industry. Your local residents will praise you for sponsoring the event, and you will probably find some prospects who may be interested in collaborating with you.

Sponsoring pet adoption events can help your real estate business or agency gain credibility, boost its public image, and establish a reputation. Like any other kind of marketing, it ought to be used thoughtfully to reach out to your target audience. Additionally, it distinguishes you from your competitors by associating you with something pleasant in the minds of consumers. This strategy is especially effective if your competition has a higher advertising budget than you.

Sponsoring a great community program, such as a pet adoption event, can open doors of opportunity to make the most of your marketing efforts and engage the whole community in celebrating pet adoption.

Ideally, attendees at your sponsored event will have a great interaction with your real estate brand and will keep talking about your services. Besides, if your brand name is printed on the event’s promotional items and included in the advertisements, you will be more likely to reach more and more prospects.

Furthermore, by supporting pet adoption events, you are assisting many rescue canines in finding permanent homes, which will yield good results for your business in the long run. To do so, contact local shelters and inquire about upcoming events on their calendars. You can also propose a location, date, and time for an adoption event, even if it isn’t scheduled.

pet adoption event

75. Monitor Online Reviews

One of the most authentic ways your clients can share brand experiences with other people in the community is through online reviews. Hence, it’s critical to keep track of and manage your practice’s internet reputation to ensure that it’s fairly represented. Consumers regard a business’s online star rating as the most important criteria for deciding whether to do business with them.

In addition, online reviews rank highly in search engines, have a significant impact on your company’s reputation, and are a significant source of lead referrals. So, take charge of your brand by asking for online reviews from satisfied clients and making it simple for them to publish in different places.
According to Search Engine Watch, 90 percent of customers check reviews before approaching a business, and 72 percent will only take the desired action after seeing a positive review.

And, since buying a house is one of the most significant financial investments, your clients will want to know that your real estate company is reputable, trustworthy, and has sold a large number of properties. The simple truth is that if you’re going to create an impression on purchasers and sell more houses, you’ll need to establish great online reviews.

After completing all the paperwork and your client has had ample time to settle into their new place, you should follow up with them to ensure that they are happy with their new house and that the transition went successfully. After that, you can request them to give you a review online. So, suppose your buyers can be open and honest about what made them satisfied with the whole experience. In that case, it will substantially benefit your real estate business and even result in more closings.

76. Target Owners of Foreclosed Homes

As a real estate professional looking to make more money at every opportunity, finding a distressed property for sale is a good idea. Investors are attracted to distressed properties because they provide inexpensive deals, which can help boost your profitability.

So, it would be to your advantage if you could target owners of distressed properties for new lead generations. If a homeowner defaults on a mortgage, a lender(probably a bank) will demand a broker price opinion (BPO) on a house when the property needs to be foreclosed. If these property owners find themselves in need of an immediate sale, you can be there to assist them and offer guidance. Furthermore, since the house will be offered at a reasonable price, it will be an excellent opportunity to purchase it.

Additionally, some homeowners may find it challenging to manage and upkeep properties in locations they do not frequently visit. As you can expect, this might result in distressed properties and sellers who are eager to sell.

If you purchase a distressed home, there is a high probability that you will end up with lower interest rates, closing costs, as well as house mortgage payments. Buying a distressed house can be lucrative and a wise investment to try out.

foreclosure home for sale

77. Target Prospects Getting a Divorce

“You have to spend money to make money” is an old business adage that still holds true today. Any reputable real estate professional understands that implementing a marketing strategy and, more especially, bolstering their real estate branding necessitates some financial commitment. So, making the most of sponsorship opportunities, supporting worthy causes, and making beneficial impacts in society are excellent strategies to gain maximum visibility with low financial investment.

You can consider sponsoring local events, churches, sports teams, and school events that are always looking for funders. By becoming a local sponsor, you will have the chance to get your business advertised on booklets, t-shirts, banners, flyers, and other promotional materials.

If you are thinking of sponsoring an event or worthy cause, you should not take any sponsorship package that you’re given. Instead, create particular criteria for what your best sponsorship will look like and then analyze opportunities based on those criteria. An example of an excellent request you should make is exposure and connections on the event or the organization’s website; this will bring referral traffic to your real estate website as well as SEO benefits.

Furthermore, consider doing fewer sponsorships but with a higher level of commitment. The benefits gained by the highest-level sponsors far outnumber those gained by the lowest-level sponsors. Splitting your sponsorship money evenly over several events can yield far fewer benefits for your real estate business than if you put it all into one. The real estate agent who sponsors everything will receive little or nothing in return, and this statement agrees with the quote from Prussian king Frederick the Great: “He who defends everything defends nothing.”

78. Pursue Older Expired Listings

Expired listings are a terrific source of high-quality leads, and since homeowners are eager to sell, real estate professionals can get a good deal and close quickly. Nevertheless, the first step is to know how to find expired listings. 

Lots of real estate professionals target recently expired properties, but it might be beneficial to pursue older listings that have been on the market for a while. You can think of following up with the lead to verify if they’ve been contacted and, if not, what their current plans are. Then offer them your assistance in achieving their aim.

Many experienced real estate agents consider expired listings as a primary source of property leads. However, getting started with it can be a nerve-wracking lead-generating method. For example, the rejection you may encounter, the need to show at the listing appointment, and the likelihood of selling a listing that did not sell at least once.

One of the many ways to get expired listings is through Multiple Listing Services (MLS). To find expired MLS listings, all you have to do is go to your MLS dashboard and choose the locations you would like to search by city or town. You can enter the expiration date of your search(say three weeks or less) to find out the listings that will expire within your set time frame. 

Once you’ve identified several homes that are about to expire, find a way to contact the sellers and ask if they’d want to relist their home with a new real estate professional. Of course, wait until the day after the listing has expired before contacting the seller.

79. Contribute to The Community

Your job as a realtor does not end with acquiring the perfect home for your client. Being part of a community and establishing long-term relationships with the people who live there should also be considered a priority. This will help you gain the trust of your local consumers, who will then recommend you to new clients. When you give something back, you will experience a sense of contentment and peace in addition to the rewards.

It’s not only rewarding to work for a good cause; it’s also an excellent way to meet new people who care about the community where you reside and work. Apart from helping others and making a positive impact in your community, this will also enhance your real estate business since people will come to understand that you care about giving back.

One of the most incredible things you can do for yourself, they say, is to help others. This is particularly true if you are a real estate agent participating in a community service project. Your business will grow more diversified as you establish more relationships.

Indeed, it may begin as a noble desire to help others. Still, community engagement also has the added benefit of generating leads, associating your business with the community, and enhancing your brand and public profile.

With that said, you can think of lending a hand in building houses. It makes complete sense for a real estate agent to engage in something altruistic that includes housing. In this scenario, there are lots of  NGOs that work toward building homes for individuals who are less privileged.

The main benefit to derive here is the opportunity to connect with your other volunteers. You never can tell when one of the individuals you work with will require the services of a real estate agent.

80. Respond to Questions on Quora

Home sellers and buyers are increasingly turning to Quora for answers to their particular real estate inquiries.

Quora, a question-and-answer website, has about 190 monthly users and around 200 million unique visitors monthly. One of the primary reasons people pay attention to Quora is that it usually receives fantastic answers from a variety of perspectives. More significantly, responses are indexed by major search engines like Google, allowing people to find you. It’s also been estimated that Quora’s Real Estate feed has more than 65,000 questions and 376,000 followers. And, of course, you’d like to turn these viewers into leads.

So, if you’re solely interested in using Quora to generate real estate leads, make sure you stick to topics relevant to prospective sellers and buyers.
Even within a topic on Quora, users may occasionally ask you to respond to a question that’s not directly related to your business. If it’s a hot topic or one that’s crea