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Stop wasting money on websites and marketing tools that don’t effectively capture and nurture leads. Realtors amplify their leads by 5X or more when they use a conversion-optimized RealDigi Site.


IDX websites that use AI and machine learning to improve the performance of Google Ads campaigns

What if you could convert 10%, 20%, or 30% of your website visitors into leads? Using AI and machine learning, our beautiful, high-performance websites are designed to amplify marketing wins, accelerate sales and improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. 

RealDigi Sites combine IDX landing pages that update with the MLS to showcase the most current market data, a built-in CRM to effectively engage 10X more leads and SOI contacts, and pre-written email drip campaigns with marketing automation designed to help you nurture prospects 24/7 and close transactions.


Lead Capture Forms

Highly effective lead capture forms that encourage website visitors to share their information.

IDX Property Updates

Customizable IDX landing pages that update with the MLS to showcase the most current market data.

Built-in CRM

A built-in CRM to effectively manage your sales funnel with powerful and intelligent automation.

Email Drip Campaigns

Pre-configured email drip campaigns that drive 10X higher engagement with both new leads and SOI contacts.

Conversion Tracking

Pre-loaded conversion tracking for you to gain insight into users’ actions after engaging with your Google ads.

Tailored Landing Pages

Beautiful, high-converting landing pages with listings relevant to the areas you are targeting.

Search Engine Optimized

On-site optimizations for search engines to easily find, crawl and index your website and its pages.
Power Dialer

Power Dialer

Auto-dial with just one click to place and record calls from your internet browser without even picking up a phone.
Two-Way Text Marketing

Two-Way Text Marketing

Two-way sms automation to send tailored messages or offers targeting specific groups of contacts.
Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Track and visualize a range of metrics such as marketing ROI, sales activity, productivity, and performance.
Multi-Channel Integration

Multi-Channel Integration

Communicate across multiple channels (calls, text, social media, web chat, and GBP, etc.) in one centralized location.


Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Track and log calls in your CRM contact record while attributing every lead to which marketing effort is driving it.

Are your website visitors leaving without registering?

You work hard to promote your business, whether you’re passing out business cards, making calls, sending emails, or spending money on advertising. Shouldn’t your website be working just as hard to turn those visitors into engaged leads instead of letting them simply vanish? Your RealDigi Site will be selling for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Intelligent lead capture forms

A high-converting lead capture system is essential to drive business growth. One of the best ways to capture and convert leads is to encourage visitors to offer you a little bit of their information. Home buyers are motivated to stay on top of new listings to gain a first-mover advantage on their dream property. With a direct MLS feed that updates in minutes (not days), you gain a strategic advantage over other platforms that are out of date the minute a property becomes visible.

Coupled with strategic registration forms that appear as people browse listings, saved searches, and custom alerts, a RealDigi Site gives prospects every reason to stay engaged while positioning you as a Realtor with area-specific knowledge and expertise who’s just an email or phone call away.

Target specific cities & neighborhoods with IDX-enabled landing pages

RealDigi Site IDX landing pages update with the MLS to showcase the most current market data, offer useful information, and help you connect with potential buyers. People who end up on your landing page from your Google Ads campaign are already interested. Don’t send people to a generic homepage or force them to search when you already know what areas they’re looking for properties in. RealDigi Sites make it easy to create and send visitors to a high-converting landing page with listings relevant to their desired location.

Real estate customer relationship management (CRM)

Our built-in CRM allows you to effectively build, manage, and sustain meaningful relationships with leads and clients. It also gives you the ability to organize and centralize customer data, manage contacts, schedule tasks, monitor your pipeline, and stay organized as you grow your business. Never lose track of another lead again. Maximize the value of every relationship with a RealDigi Site CRM.

Email drip sequences to nurture leads automatically

Pre-set email drip campaigns help you to consistently communicate with leads and add value to build relationships with prospects over time. Doing this will lead to better conversation rates on your website and closing more deals each year. Gain instant credibility with leads, keep prospects & clients informed on relevant real estate listings based on their parameters and stay top-of-mind with those who are not ready to take action.

Google Ads conversion tracking (done for you)

During the development of your RealDigi Site, we’ll install Google Ads conversion tracking code to ensure each lead generated from your campaigns gets properly tracked. Not only is this important for your own analytics, but it’s also crucial data that Google uses to optimize and improve the performance of your campaigns through machine learning. By telling Google the actions we consider to be valuable (a prospect registers), they’ll use hundreds or thousands of data points on each user to show your ads to the people they believe are most likely to convert.

Frequently asked questions

How often is the MLS data updated?

IDX data refreshes in minutes and synchronizes with any property alerts that need to be sent out. The actual frequency of updates depends on the IDX data feed we receive from your MLS.

Are new listing alerts included?

Yes. New listing alerts and other property alerts can be created by leads or the Realtor. Alerts are sent out according to the following frequencies:
  • all-day alerts (if your MLS RETS feed offers continuous updates)
  • daily alerts (every morning)
  • weekly alerts
  • monthly alerts

Will leads be updated automatically about price and status changes?

Yes. Automated emails are sent out based on which listings have experienced price or status changes, giving buyers a better sense of market changes/opportunities and Realtors more relevant possibilities to stay connected to their clients.

Can individual listings/search results be shared via email or social media?

Yes. Listings and custom searches have a unique URL on your RealDigi Site that can be shared anywhere.

What email address will users see emails from for property alerts?

All property alerts, notifications, reply-to addresses, and everything else seen by your leads will be from YOU directly and will include your email “signature” and any branding you set up.

Will real-time email notifications be sent for new users, newly saved searches, and more?

Yes. We have a large selection of instant alerts and notifications by email that Realtors can set as needed.

Is the built-in CRM easy and intuitive to use?

Our CRM is as easy to use as it is effective! You’ll be able to manage your leads through a pipeline of stages, take notes, send emails, log calls, and more. Our CRM comes complete with pre-set email drip campaigns to put your lead nurturing efforts on autopilot. You can also have 1-1 conversations for those more personalized interactions as you move along the homebuying journey with your clients.

What type of support is included in RealDigi Sites for any changes or additions I want to make?

While we can’t yet manage changes for you, we’ve configured RealDigi Sites to make it incredibly easy to customize, add, or update content. If there is something that our in-depth tutorials don’t cover, please reach out to our support team with your objective, and we’ll send you detailed instructions to help you accomplish your goals.

What content management system (CMS) is the website built on?

Your RealDigi Site is built on WordPress, which powers 43% of all websites online. This makes managing and updating content easy. As a RealDigi Site owner, you’ll be able to log into your website and update most information across your website, from phone numbers, business info, email notification routing, and more. You’ll also be able to add new listings from the MLS or add content to existing pages.

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