Boost sales and efficiency with RealDigi

People are always searching on Google for real estate. Make it simple for them to discover your website, gain access to property listings, and connect with you. We’re here to help you do that.



Be found on Google

Think about how you search for real estate online. Most people turn to Google to begin their search. If you are visible you can turn those searches into prospects with the right ad, lead-capture website and user experience.

RealDigi offers a simple advertising platform that helps you make the most of your advertising efforts with pre-configured campaigns for increased visibility and essential tools to help you succeed.

Over 70% of consumers use Google Search to research before they make a purchase
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Take charge of your marketing with our guided step-by-step setup process

Use our guided setup process to create a Google Ads campaign in three easy steps. Select your target location, budget, and landing page. Then choose to launch your campaign with our pre-populated data or make edits as desired.

Have a real estate marketing expert set up your campaign for you

When you select our done-for-you campaign option, you’ll share a few details about your business with our advertising strategists, who will craft a hyper-targeted campaign configured to best achieve your unique business goals.


Convert seamlessly

Effective IDX landing pages are key to getting conversions from your Google Ads traffic. As people increasingly use Google to search for real estate, they expect to find property listings in the area they are searching for. 

RealDigi Sites keep prospects engaged with IDX landing pages on a conversion-optimized site designed for usability and speed.

Roughly 30% of leads that convert from Google advertising will close in the first 6 months
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RealDigi Sites are set up to convert website visitors into engaged leads

When someone reaches your website, you have an opportunity to turn them into a client. The design, functionality, and usability of your website can help encourage a visitor to perform an action – and become a prospect. RealDigi Sites play a big role in converting prospects as they are designed to help them take the next step and ultimately become a client.

Measure your success with our performance dashboard

In any business, it’s important to measure how people engage with your website. What behavior leads to creating an account or contacting you for more information about a property? Are people encouraged to browse additional pages? Our performance dashboard can help you understand how impactful your RealDigi Site is at driving business. 


Strengthen relationships

With one of the longest sales cycles of any business, what sets the bar for success in real estate is the ability to convert leads to sales. To do so, you need to stay in touch with a lead through every stage of their home-buying journey or you risk being forgotten when they're ready to take action. 

RealDigi solutions make it easy to stay connected and strengthen relationships with automated email drip campaigns, text messages, and custom property alerts.

70% of leads that convert from Google advertising will do so in 6 months or longer
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Use pre-written, automated communications to stay in touch

RealDigi Sites offer useful tools to stay in touch with existing clients and prospects — such as email and text drip campaigns cued by specific triggers, from click-throughs and sign-ups to property alerts based on search criteria — they are targeted, flexible and included with your website.

Perform successful outreach with call tracking & automation tools

Leverage our voicemail drops to bypass a contact’s phone to instantly reach their voicemail and leave them a pre-recorded message, increasing your callbacks from engaged prospects. Record calls, score leads, and segment data to gain important insights about the growth of your business.


Work smarter

Working smarter means having systems that allow you to focus on what matters most: helping clients buy and sell real estate.

RealDigi solutions offer you the tools you need to make every phase of the lead cycle more effective and efficient by automating time-consuming tasks, keeping you organized, and using machine learning and artifical intelligence to improve performance.

10x your sales with robust automation tools
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Conveniently join the conversation online from our all-in-one messanger

Keeping track of messages across various apps and accounts can be overwhelming. Use our advanced communication features to engage with prospects and leads on every channel (email, Facebook Messenger, TikTok, Google Business Profile, and more) from one convenient place.

Dialer software that automates call processes and follow-up

Make more calls in less time and streamline your workflow with advanced call routing and outbound sales automation. RealDigi power dials leads for you – one after another. Set up auto-dialing when a lead is hot, leave voicemails, log calls, schedule follow-ups, and more – with just a click.